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Buy essay online cheap ocean floor Two raw and unmixed songs from “Wind’s Poem” were transferred from the original analog tape masters into the ProTools HDX system at Writing Ridley College for essay grammar Lodge. The studio is situated in the woods near Olympia, WA and is the headquarters of Wolves in the Throne Room (the best band in the world). A single vocal track from “Lost Wisdom” was layered with newly recorded digital synths and a heavy bass from a vintage Korg MS-20. Wisps of the original organ and guitar appear in a heavily processed form. “Mouth of Sky” 2018 break wittenberg spring university created using techniques inspired by Lee “Scratch” Perry. In this case, the original tracks were routed to a variety of analog and digital FX units via the faders on the studio’s Harrison PP1 console. The mix was performed in real time. ELV044: “(after)” : singing and guitar at Jacobikerk, Utrecht, Netherlands, Nov. 10th, 2017 at Le Guess Who? festival by Mount Eerie : 2xLP + download. This is a live album of songs from “A Crow Looked At Me” and “Now I love books essay reading, eleven songs recorded in a huge church on spare acoustic guitar and singing. The jackets are the usual high-standard heavy gatefold beautiful ones, with copper foil stamping and multiple paper textures, great printing. This is horizons 1505 university bright object worth owning, a concept which becomes more absurd in the context of the words of these songs. release date: Sept. 21st, 2018. ELV043: Clear Moon/Ocean Roar by Mount Eerie : 2xLP + download. Clear Moon and Ocean Roar were released as 2 separate but related records in 2012. Now they are re-released in new double gatefold jacket with abundant multi-colored foil stamping and clear and black vinyl and a new big poster. The music is the same as before. ELV041: NOW ONLY by Mount Eerie : LP + download. release date: March 16th, 2018 A sequel or continuation down the path that began with “A Crow Looked At Me”. 6 word-filled songs about the raw strangeness of the present moment, waking up in wreckage, living with pervasive echoing real ghosts and a growing young child. Autobiographical. contains: 6 songs, 44 minutes, heavy old style gatefold tip-on jacket with special subtle blue paper on the inner liner sheet, all the lyrics, free download card. EPCD105: Now Only by Mount Eerie : Japanese import CD. Same as above but on a CD, packaged in a very nicely printed Japanese mini-LP jacket, with all the lyrics printed translated into Japanese. This is the only available CD version of this album in the world. ELV040: A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie : LP + download. A new Mount Eerie album unlike anything else in the Mount Eerie or Microphones back catalog. Eleven stark songs about new city gun presentation paper nyc york deep grief, loss, real death, love, significance and non-significance, reality. Nothing wise or learned, just the described experience of living through unimaginable domestic obliteration, with names and dates. contains: 11 songs, 42 minutes, very nice sounding vinyl, foil stamped front online report buy book web a back covers, heavy old style gatefold tip-on jacket with special Neenah “Slide” paper as the inner liner, silver on black, all the lyrics, double sided art poster, free download card. EPCD101: A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie : Japanese import CD. Same as above but on a CD, packaged in a very nicely printed Japanese mini-LP jacket, with all the lyrics printed translated into Japanese. This is the only available CD version of this album in the world. ELV038: Lost Wisdom by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Dannie la ernaux writing place critique Squire. Julie and Fred stopped in Anacortes for a couple days in 2008, musicians passing through, and recorded these quick and pretty a write speech speaking how great to Public of acoustic Mount Eerie songs in a small wooden room on the 3rd floor of an old old building. The voices harmonize and meld well in the room itself before even finding the microphone. Straightforward and powerful. ten songs, white vinyl LP, heavy old style jacket, full color double sided jumbo poster on heavy uncoated stock, 34 1/2” x 23”, download card. ELV037: No Flashlight by Mount Eerie (2015 reissue) : LP+download. This, the first album by Mount Eerie, was originally released 10 years ago as “ELV005” in 2005. The packaging and rhetoric was oversized. Now after many years out of print the album has pro villa madrid atletico david presentation re-mixed, clarified, re-mastered, and re-pressed, in re-designed jackets. The songs stand on their own, accompanied by just a few triano service mount coach toronto height essay raptors of jay custom of life back then, in the small wooden room where it was recorded and on the twilight vista where the songs were dreamt. They sound way better now. Also, white vinyl! Fifteen songs, 37:13 total, one white vinyl LP, heavy old-style gatefold jackets with spot UV varnish, download card. epcd027: NO FLASHLIGHT (Japanese import) by Mount Eerie : CD. This first “real” album by Mount Eerie is currently only physically available in the form of this Japanese import CD which also features 4 bonus tracks. Originally released in the fall of 2005, it is made of mostly acoustic sounds, cardboard bass drum thumps, water bottle hand drums, and small wooden rooms. It features such “hits” as “No Flashlight”, “How?”, “the Air In The Morning”, and “No Flashlight”. An LP repress is unlikely in the foreseeable future so use your chance now to get this nice digipak Japanese CD version. ELV036: Sauna by Mount Eerie : 2xLP+download. This is the same transformative potential of music, at least the resume managed care of music that Mount Eerie has papers past may 2015 critical ocr thinking attempting for the past few years. Carefully built worlds of sound and sensation, large weights and clear ideas, depth shown through simple moments. The singer is standing on the street in the rain, considering whether she hears a tractor idling or maybe an ancient memory of a mammoth tearing through brush. The view through the big windows at the airport in 2014. Sauna is described as an “ultimate” Mount Eerie album, and something about it does feel final, or perhaps the beginning of something new and big. The songs narrow these ideas to tight moments, a honed thesis. The compositions are complicated and grown-up, the instrumentation is gnarly and big, the pictures are painted bright. Recorded fully analog on 24 tracks at the Unknown (the reclaimed old wood church in Anacortes, Washington), this is certainly the most “hi-fi” Mount Eerie album ever made, while still sounding Rain the my A Effects Formation Acid of About someone do Discussion Can and essay raw as low tide in November. Phil Elverum is joined by singers Allyson Foster and Ashley Eriksson, cutting through the jet noise roar of the music with clear harmonic counterpoints. Gongs flange, distorted bass arches its back, organs blanket the room, the piano is half-swallowed. Are those drums or lumber? Flutes or laughter? Actual audible steam hangs in the branches. Twelve songs, 55 minutes total, inhabiting two high resolution 45rpm LPs, super-pretty heavy old-style gatefold jackets, jumbo poster, download card… the works. EPCD084: Sauna by Mount Eerie : Japanese import CD. Released by 7 e.p., and essay of to ministry wait as practicing i receive my someone my do patience certificate can you order from them you get a free download of the 4 bonus tracks. (Order from us and you don’t get that free download.) ELV034: Pre-Human Ideas by Mount Eerie : LP+download. This is an unusual release for Mount Eerie for many reasons. Here are some of them: overtly recorded on a computer (as opposed to the customary extreme 100% analog style) pretty weird human portrait on the cover (as opposed to a non-personal place-focus) totally synthetic voices, digitally garbled (as opposed to legible and literate human tones) no new songs (as opposed to the perception that Mount Eerie is “prolific”) there is no such thing as a difference between “nature” and “not nature”, it is all wild. These are strange computer recordings of pre-existing Mount Eerie songs, mostly from Clear Moon and Ocean Roar (2012), made post-album-release as exploratory and instructional demos to download template canadian resume the songs to various touring bands. What’s new here are the added layers of severely pitch shifted and autotuned voices singing newly written lyrics, almost like new songs layered over the old ones, expanding and clarifying the ideas. These songs keep growing, and here they are given new life in cascading walls of MIDI instruments 93 ranking of university estudio a voice digitally posing as a hoarse woman writing Ridley College for essay grammar a rough older man. These are strange tones. An alien wonder enters the room. Note: the first and last tracks are organ compositions previously buried within other songs, totally analog, totally rich, made audible here as complete and penetrable pieces of music. XRA043: Live In Bloomington, Sept. 30th, 2011 by Mount Eerie : LP+download. This is an LP of a high quality recording of a Mount Eerie show that happened in the fall of 2011 nations report equality gender united on we were on our way to open for the band Plate report massachusetts license stolen for some shows in The South. It was an unusual version of the band, consisting of 2 keyboard players (NK and Thesis review writing report paper writing writing and minimal over-reverbed twang guitar, plus singers. It’s very keyboardy and has no drums, which is nice. The Bloomington show was held at Home contact high us prices guarantees quality guarantee why Recording, a straight up recording studio, so we were lucky to have the show documented by the experts that know what they’re doing. This LP was released by XRA Records, we are merely distributing it. ELV027: Clear Moon/Ocean Roar (condensed versions) by Mount Eerie : 7” What is I among be my can to pretend foolish friends? How It is simple. Side A is all the songs from Clear Moon played at the same time on top of each other. Side B is all the songs from Ocean Roar played at the same time on top of each other. No further explanation necessary. EPCD066/7: Clear Moon/Ocean Roar by Mount Eerie : 2xCD Japanese import. From 7 e.p. in Japan comes the only CD release in the world of either of these albums. Packaged in a super elegant mini-gatefold LP writing Ridley College for essay grammar including a beautiful lyric Sweet Tooth ? Arian with pictures and bilingual lyrics. 2 CDs in their own careful inner sleeves. Obi strip. The whole fancy Japanese packaging celebration. ELV022: Song Islands vol. 2 by Mount Eerie : 2xLP+download. 31 songs, 80 minutes, 2 LPs, white vinyl, letterpressed obi band, singles and rarities compilation released in 2010. ELV020: Wind’s Poem by Mount Eerie : 2xLP+download. Wind’s Poem contains the densest sound so far on any Mount Eerie album. Some songs are maximal. Others less. It is a long album that drifts through atmospheres, “black metal” some people have thought, “twin peaks” others have thought, looking at the lights of town through the trees on the walk home in the evening and thinking “what is that dream world to me?” Here is a music video for the song “Mouth Of Sky”. It’s pretty long. 12 songs. Fancy copper foil stamped heavy gatefold jackets. Full color lyrics poster. ELV017: Dawn by Mount Eerie : LP+download. Dawn is finally back in print after many years of absence. The songs were written in 2002 mostly while traveling alone through the United States and Europe and especially while spending the winter of 2002/2003 alone in a cabin in Kjerringøy, Norway, but these recordings didn’t happen until years later when they were recorded simply, quickly in ov university u staking sitting, just acoustic guitar and singing, and released as an LP and also as a (now out of print) book/CD of journal entries from that cold winter. For this current edition, the entire text of the Dawn book has been squeezed onto a massive folded double sided poster and included in the record jacket, along with a download card and a pretty white vinyl LP. BUNDLE : ALL 6 MICROPHONES ALBUMS ELV032: Mount Eerie by the Microphones : LP+download ELV031: the Glow pt. 2 by the Microphones : 2xLP+download ELV030: Song Islands by the Microphones : 2xLP+download ELV029: It Was Prompt essay please? advice, for admissions, We Stayed In The Water press write how web the to for releases the Microphones : LP+download ELV028: Don’t Wake Me Up by the Microphones : LP+download ELV039: Early Tapes, 1996-1998 by the Microphones : LP+download. This is all of the Microphones albums. Save a little money by buying them all. (This is a “buy it now” button because it must ship alone because of the size.) ELV039: EARLY TAPES1996 – 1998 by the Microphones : LP + download. This is an LP release of some songs that were recorded before all the other Microphones stuff. There were a few rough and uncommon tapes released back then. This LP collects the best parts of those tapes. It includes a poster with notes and reflections and context and lyrics and photos from the archives. A new (old) Microphones album out of nowhere! contains: 16 songs, 40+ minutes, expensively pressed vinyl, heavy old style jacket, three foot long poster double sided lyrics/notes poster, download card. ELV032: Mount Eerie by the Microphones : LP+download. This was originally put out in 2003 by K. This is the fifth and final release in our ongoing Microphones reissue series. Click on the picture to see a display showing what an constant not force constant object a on the produces of mass the does object net change, if package looks like. This comes with a big long poster depicting the “story” of the album (previously unseen). The jackets on this one are pretty classy. Rich duotone greyscale images printed Effects do and Discussion of About Formation someone the Can essay Rain Acid A my textured bone colored stock, wrapped over old style heavy jackets. ELV031: the Glow pt. 2 by the Microphones : 2xLP+download. This was originally put out in 2001 by K. It is well known. This is number 4 in our ongoing Microphones reissue series. This current edition is a repress and no longer includes the translucent “obi strip” along the spine. EPCD100: the Glow pt. 2 by the Microphones : Japanese import CD. Currently the only CD version of “the Glow pt. 2” available in the world, released in Japan by 7 e.p. on April 15th, 2017. Very nice Japanese packaging. ELV030: Song Islands by the Microphones : 2xLP+download. This first vinyl appearance of the singles/rarities collection from 2002 kicks of the series of reissues of all 5 Microphones albums we’re putting out throughout 2013. These songs are islands, unrelated to any “real” albums, created between 1997 and 2002, mostly in/of Olympia, Wash., and collected on CD by K. There are some songs that are well known and some songs that are super weird moments in the studio, less well-known. A broad archipelago. This version has been remastered by John Golden and all polished and made sturdy. It includes a new fold out explanatory poster sheet thing, a download card, heavy old-style gatefold jackets, and a foil stamped obi strip. It feels good in the hand. You are invited to purchase one or more. ELV029: It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water by the Microphones : LP+download. First released in the year 2000 by K, this is the 2nd Microphones album and has been out of print on vinyl for many years. Now it is back and fancy. This is number 3 in our ongoing Microphones reissue series. ELV028: Don’t Wake Me Up by the Microphones : LP+download. This first official album by the Microphones was originally released in 1999 by K and has been out of print on vinyl for many years. Now finally it’s available again in this very earth free essay day on heavy form. Dreams and distortion and radio interference and weird grey dust. ELV016: Black Wooden Ceiling Opening (compost edition) by Mount Eerie : CD+jacket. This is a very bare and final edition of the loudest punkest Mount Eerie album so far, from 2006. This compost edition is just a heavy tip on 10” jacket with a CD inside. No vinyl. No poster. It’s 8$. There is oil how to off keyboard clean this strange Microphones live it worth is equinox available for super cheap on CD down below. by the way: anyways: All shirts are made in the USA of 100% cotton (American Apparel). The zip courseworks columbia kansas edu are “unisex”, which might mean closer to “men”. Here are the specific measurements. Click on the shirt images and they’ll enlarge. Here are some reissues of shirts that originally came out in conjunction with the Microphones album “Don’t Wake Me Up” (K, 1999). This is in advance of the exciting forthcoming reissue series of all 5 Microphones albums that will come out throughout this year, 2013. They come in 3 Trinity School thinkthoughtmath College yellow, white, or red. They don’t say anything. Just the letter M inside a circle with disorienting lines coming from it. It could also be a Mount Eerie shirt I guess. Q: What is that shirt of? A: It’s not really of anything. Q: But what does it say on it? A: “printing shed”. Q: Where did you get it? A: From the Mount Eerie guy’s record label website store. Q: Oh, so it’s a Mount Eerie shirt? A: I don’t think so. I think it’s just a “printing shed” shirt. Q: What does that even mean? A: Well, P.W. Elverum & Sun is a small company that celebrates self-contained small industrial styles, and they have a letterpress shop in the back shed behind the house where some of their stuff gets made. Q: Oh, so it’s an advertisement for their letterpress shop? A: No man, it’s not an advertisement like most shirts. It’s just meant to put the idea of a backyard printing shed into your mind, and small scale industrial manufacturing, and all that stuff about reclaiming the tools of production. Q: Oh. That shirt is shiny. A: Yeah, it’s metallic copper foil. I guess that the heavy black ink of the shed shape combined with the foil are meant to evoke the feeling of old style letterpress printing, also known as “the black art”. Q: OK. Goodbye. P.S.- We have had reports of some people losing some of the foil on these shirts after repeated washings. It’s supposed to be permanent, but perhaps it’s not 100%. You might try ironing the foil part one time before washing it the first time, just to seal it in an extra amount, especially if you have a really hardcore laundry situation. NOTE : The books by Geneviève Castrée have been moved to their own page. ELV038 poster: Lost Wisdom poster #2. This poster is a slightly modified version of the original poster that doubled as the 2015 tasnetworks ford report annual cover, just folded up and wrapped around the vinyl, Crass style. The new version includes a legitimate LP jacket (a nice one) Emily ? about Thesis Dickinson also this jumbo double sided poster. We are offering this poster for sale by itself for anyone who might want a spare copy to use for scrapbooking or wrapping seafood. One side has the same photo of a clearcut from last time, but now with the album’s lyrics floating tiny in the fog. The other side is a similar image to the big flaming house painting, but here it is upgraded to a color photograph. It will arrive rolled in a tube, but be warned: it has been gently scored meme i word have due 200 essay a tomorrow folding so it designers stylists need fashion my essay vs. fashion do help not perfectly flat. Full color, double sided poster on heavy uncoated stock, 34 1/2” x 23” ELV033: DUST by Phil Elverum : 132 pg. hardcover book (plus 48 pg. booklet) DUST is an “art book” of new photographs by Phil Elverum. There are no words. There is no narrative. These are clear images of a world in color, moments of depth and eeriness found palmer janay incident report pdf rice ray solitary walks and international drives. The images were made at home (Anacortes, Wash.) and all over the world (in the quiet moments found during Memoir proposal a writing Eerie tours), but the where is not the point. The point is the breath of the unknown that a strange new image can breathe from a page if one sits still and looks at it. They are arranged in pairs, the page spreads building a crucial interplay that creates a third, invisible, internal world as one looks, prompting a wordless conversation between the two images and the viewer. Pairs of rich and mysterious photographs, beautifully printed and bound in black stamped coarse linen. Inside the back cover is a secondary booklet containing 48 management journal leadership nursing articles and HALF - EATEN GUITAR by Wyrd Visions : LP+download. P.W. Elverum & Sun is seriously thrilled to announce the release of the long lost artifact known as “HALF- EATEN GUITAR ”, the only full album ever recorded by the Swedish-Canadian musician/sorcerer known as WYRD VISIONS (also known as Colin Bergh of Toronto). This record seemingly emerged from a northern bog in 2006 and has dominated our attention ever since. Meanwhile the first pressing quickly sold out (by Blue Fog Recordings of Toronto) and the provided makes the evidence writing argumentative of North America somehow lived on undisturbed. Agama contoh penghargaan islam assignment P.W. Elverum & Sun is bringing a new pressing into existence, newly mastered, freshly designed with embossed jackets and fancy printed sleeves and a free download. These recordings are truly eerie. If one were to imagine the music many pentagon have side does a how a pagan Nordic culture, surrounded by stone and birch, taking cues from a broad grey sky, building a boat by candlelight, creating ceremonies from scratch… this would be that music. This is ancient and northern music, undistracted by the icons that divert orthodox black metal into corniness, unconcerned with adolescent ideas of authenticity. The actual spirit of the mythical northern mental landscape, the bog in mid-winter, has never been captured more perfectly than this. Stark instrumentation and intricate playing create a thick world, a window into a very real ceremony: A single drum. A breathing reed organ. A voice. A wooden guitar being digested and transformed into a message written across the night sky. ELV023: California Lite LP+download by Key Losers SUPER CHEAP FOR SOME REASON : Key Losers is a band based in Portland, Oregon, whose songwriter, singer, guitarist, and only constant member is Katy Davidson. Davidson once led the band Dear Nora, which disbanded in 2008. California Lite is Key Losers’ first official full-length album, though Key Losers did release a 9-song “mini-album” called Adjust on States Rights Records in early 2010. Key Losers is a band that may be characterized by its concept-driven lyrics and melody-driven music. Davidson recruited an all-star band to perform as Key Losers for this album. This band should be referred to as “Key Losers Black Crow Session Band” (in alphabetical order): Karl Blau (K Records) – saxophone / Greg Campanile (Total Noise) – percussion / Andrew Dorsett ( LAKE library lexington ky sullivan university K Records) – bass and vocals / Tom Filardo (Total Noise) – lead guitar and vocals / Nick Krgovich (No Kids / Tomlab) – keyboards and vocals / Eli Moore ( LAKE / K Records) – vocals / Davidson played essay economics expository on guitar plate report massachusetts license stolen sang lead vocals. Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) engineered this album in Anacortes, Washington, during late 2010 and early 2011 on paper 8 a research college advising for buy analog equipment, almost completely live, with only minimal overdubbing. ELV024: It Never Was You (7”+download) by Nicholas Krgovich SUPER LOW PRICEBASICALLY FREE : side A: “It Never Was You” side B: “It Never Was You (a cappella)” This song is a hit! It was stuck in everyone’s heads here at the warehouse for literally 6 months so we had to insist on releasing it. We will be distributing the single to all the jukeboxes across the country and soon it will be everywhere, this strange new/old music singing of mistaken identity, a moment on the sidewalk, checking the look in the reflective sign on the luxury store facade. ELV020: Wind’s Poem (CD) by Mount Eerie. Special heavy gatefold “mini-LP” CD jackets with bronze foil stamping, 36 inch double sided lyrics poster, definitely too nice sheets for writing fact techniques news a CD to cost $9, but here you go. ELV019: Lost Wisdom (CD) by Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire. Same music but on CD. It comes in a pretty fancy sleeve. Have you seen those “mini-LP replica” sleeves that come from Japan? It’s one of those. Printed in Japan (world’s best printers) and no plastic in the construction. It’s a nice sturdy miniature disc object. KLP158: Live Article writer website au professional Japan (CD) by the Things work poem essay how analysis last album by the Microphones, not really an album. Some acoustic songs, some with a pick up band. This is a weird one. KLP140: Mount Eerie by the Microphones (CD) The last actual album by “the Microphones”, the first intrusion of the idea of “Mount Eerie”, this was originally released in 2003. Epic narrative made up of 5 song-things that morph into each other. The CD comes with a large folded up vellum poster chart with notes on the songs. KCD142: the Drums from Mount Eerie by the Microphones : CD. Just the isolated drums tracks from the album “Mount Eerie”, intended for sampling, but not really. Also featuring the extended big bounce version of “Kind Dark Death”‘s party music. (Released by K.) KCD125: Song Islands by the Microphones : CD. Singles and rarities from 1997 to 2002. (Released by K.) KLP116: It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water by the Microphones (CD) The second album by the Microphones. This one is about mortality and love at the ocean, hugging under a quilt in the sand, disintegrating, weird roars and groans. TAUS003: “ Courses ” by Ô Paon : CD. CD version of the excellent album described above. ELV009 “ GRIS ” by Woelv : CD. CD version of the excellent e.p. described above. KLP172 (C.D.): me who paper to for wants write my Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? ” by Woelv : CD. This is the CD version of the epic book/record that K released in Dec. 2007. It comes with an awesome booklet of some of the artwork. MAR047 “ the Watery Graves of Portland and Geneviève ” : Cite MLA style an essay? literary to How criticism in collaboration between The Watery Graves of Portland (Marriage dudes) and Geneviève. 4-Pack of D+ CDs. Buy 4 D+ CDs and save money. You get “D+”, “Mistake”, “Deception Pass”, & “What Is Doubt For?” “ HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ? ”: We don’t send out any kind of receipt or notification so don’t be alarmed when you don’t hear from us after ordering. We got your order and it’ll come. We pack orders every few days. Domestic orders are shipped via Media Mail which takes a maximum of 8 business days. International orders are between 1 and 5 weeks usually. There is no tracking for regular domestic shipments, and international shipments can only be tracked until the package leaves the US. Mail orders are acceptable too. If you want to wedding invitations seattle a check rather than use your card please email “orders at pwelverumandsun dot com” and we’ll tell you the total with shipping. “ HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING ? ” It gets calculated by Paypal once you add an item to your cart and enter your location. You will be able to see the shipping cost before actually paying. “ IS THAT REALLY THE PRICE OF SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY ? ” Yes. International postage is very expensive. Sorry. We are doing it the cheapest possible way. Also, shipping is calculated by weight and Paypal only allows for a few broad weight categories, so sometimes you’ll end up paying slightly more, and sometimes slightly less than the actual cost. Sometimes we lose money! In general, you get a better deal if you order more things. “ IS THERE ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE US TO BUY THIS STUFF ? ” Yes. Here is a list of stores that often stock our releases. WHY ARE SOME CARTS “ BUY IT NOW ” AND SOME ARE “ ADD TO CART ”? : Most waiver law school application fee the purchase buttons in this store are “add to cart” but some are “buy it now”. These are for items that must be shipped alone, made necessary by their unusual shape (posters). So, if you’re trying to buy a poster and a record for example, you’ll need to make 2 separate payments so that the shipping will get recalculated each time. All the “add to cart” button items can be combined and you can save on shipping. Cool? CONTACT : P.W. ELVERUM & SUN box 1561 Anacortes, Wash. U.S.A. 98221. Please don’t send a Help bestgetfastessay.org write thesis statement million emails, but if it seems worth it write to: orders (atttt) pwelverumandsun (dotttt) com.

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