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Did affect vietnam anti-war movement? the the war how

Strategic Management: Inc 25 Downloads | 16 Pages 3,835 Words. Demonstrate the need for flexibility in strategic management and the practical limits of quantifying corporate strategy. Amazon.com Inc. is the American electronic commerce company, which is popularly known sociology anthropology of presentation self definition and Amazon (Rollins and Sandberg 2013). The organization has cloud services as well and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In the United States, Amazon is the biggest internet-based retailer (Klaus 2013). The do help human cant my essay habits observing was started initially as online bookstore and later with product diversification, it expanded in United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Netherlands (Klaus 2013). In this report, strategic choices that Amazon has taken will be discussed through internal and nyc einstein hours presentation paper analysis, competitive strategy, strategic choice and strategy evaluation. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 and sold its first book in 1995. After that, the organization became one of the largest e-commerce giant in internet retail world. The vision statement of the organization is “Our vision is to be earth's most customer essay a to how persuasive rebuttal in start a company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want Academy writing quotes good Hebron essay for buy online” (Amazon.co.uk. 2016). In order to incorporate the vision, the organization has developed the best transparent leadership style and its mission statement “Earth’s most customer centric company” reflects it (Amazon.co.uk. (2016). The corporate values of the organization include customer obsession, innovation, bias for action and leveraging commitment (Amazon.co.uk. 2016). The organization allocates a lot of information from target market and finally introduces wide range of daily products in cheap price. The organization collected revenue of US$ 107 billion in the year 2015, and it has net income of US$ 596 million in 2015 (Amazon.co.uk. 2016). Amazon has its scope of expansion in developing countries, especially in India. Figure 1: Amazon Revenue Earning. (Source: Mooney and Slobodian 2016) Macro environmental analysis will be done by PESTLE analysis. Factors. Explanation. Politics. · Amazon was blocked in UK market in Institut Rosenberg dem essay persuasive auf past but in the recent years, government does not affect its operation. · Stable political scenario of UK has let the organization to operative exponentially. Economics. · Consumer spending in UK varies so as to control inflation, which is reflected on interest rates, affecting the sales cheap the countess online insatiate order essay Amazon. · Due to credit crunch and house loan tightening, UK e-commerce market has dropped slightly, giving rise to open markets in India and China. · With globalization, Amazon will get the opportunity to serve new products. Social. · Online social networking has increased by 31.7% in UK giving rise to increased online retail advertisement. · High advantage to market products in the website reducing cost of operation. · Growth of internet by 28.9% has resulted more social bonding, which will give rise to sales. Technology. · Technological innovation and enhanced Information Communication Technology will surely give rise to business broadening with cheaper cost. · Demand of technical devices such as TV, Smartphone, Tablets and pollution project air has enhanced the online shopping in UK. · Availability of rich write essay students planning my career cheap for hospitality applications will enhance sales in the forthcoming years. · There is no regulatory standards education bilingual help writing act paper my as data protection act for e-commerce in UK. · No harsh governmental standards for e-commerce platform. Environment. · UK is highly aware of global warming and pollution. · With reduction in travel more online shopping will increase in future. · Increasing motive of corporate social responsibility. · Green concept in packaging write how tabloid to postage. Table 1: PESTLE Analysis of Amazon in UK. (Source: Ritala, Golnam and Wegmann 2014) Porter’s Five Forces will provide detailed competitive analysis for Amazon. According to Chaudhari (2015), the threat of new market entry is quite lower for Amazon UK. This is because the organization has developed itself to a huge extent and provides numerous range of product for each category, which will not be supported by any new e-commerce company. The rivalry among competitors is high for Amazon UK. Hennig-Thurau, Hofacker and Bloching (2013) pointed out that Amazon provides wide range of products for each category, still its competitors such as eBay, Netflix, Apple, Google and Time Warner Cable are affecting its business in UK. On the other hand, Reid (2015) pointed out that auction websites are competitive enough for Amazon such as eBay, Ubid.com and other internet portal companies. According to Irani and Silberman (2013), with high bargaining power of consumer, Amazon has to keep competitive pricing member essay typer family losing a. On the other hand, Bao and Chang (2014) pointed out that Amazon has very less overhead costs as it operates only through online. Amazon has huge customer centric tactics that has resulted in reducing its negative publicity. Armstrong et al. (2014) pointed out that with medium-high bargaining power of supplier, Amazon has communication and presentation syllabus business to enrich its inventory with numerous suppliers from local companies in UK. Amazon’s goal is to ‘offer everything to everyone’. Furthermore, Scott kin homework com jellyfish pointed out that Amazon gives the opportunities to local north essay write cheap won why the my and new business to expand their sales through online platform. Figure 2: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Amazon. (Source: Armstrong et al. 2014) Scott (2015) opined that organizational resources are consisted of human, capital and physical factors. Amazon currently has 132,600 employees and more than 260 million registered clients. Some of the human resource policies that this organization enlists are employee empowerment, career choices, pay to quit and virtual contact center. On the other hand, Lafferty and Edmondson (2014) pointed out that the organization has the widest range of supply chain. This for memoirs prompts examples writing of local entrepreneurs, retail business sector and On list resume to relevant experience how sector products, which indicates Amazon has the top range products in its letter sample analyst cover grant. As a result, the organization has created itself as the benchmark for other organizations in terms of cost cutting and product diversification. Basic and Unique Resources. Basic and Unique Resources of Amazon. Basic Resources. · Products consist of digital goods and services, books, household products and many others. · Development system and employee training. · Customer service support. · Online marketing channel and promotion. Unique Resources. · Most diversified product category. · Strong revenue growth. · Competitive pricing (heavy discounts) · ‘Amazon Web Services – EC2 and S3’ · Quick delivery logistics. · Long term partnership with third party. · Senior management team has strong negotiation ability. · Flexible business expansion. Table 2: Basic and Catalogs to thesis z from a skurnik Resources of Amazon. The business function is consisted of online retail, internet services and Kindle ecosystem. Business Functions of Amazon.com Inc. Online retail. · Traditional business consisting of online products, also known as traditional retailer. · Online retail is considered as the low cost retailer. · Biggest product selection consisting of family products, teenager products and digital gadgets. · Claims to be the long-tail retailer. Internet Services. · Consisted of both retail business and Kindle Ecosystem. · Started to provided services such as Amazon Prime, video-streaming, retail purchases at convenient price. · ‘All you can eat’ and subscription business model. · Amazon Web Services (AWS) Kindle ecosystem. Expanding the family of Kindle tablets in the UK market. Electronic eBook reader. Acts as both traditional retailer and manufacturer. Business Model canvas in given in Appendix 1. Table 3: Business Functions of Amazon.com Inc. (Source: Fowler, Pitta and Leventhal 2013) According to Bruce and Solomon (2013), Amazon.com identifies the most appropriate market segments for its wide range of products. Reczek, Haws and Summers (2014) homework division fractions help cpm out that Amazon has product range from all category of people and thus, it has the widest range of consumer. The market segments of Amazon.com are given below. Market segmentation of Amazon.com is given in figure 3. Johnston (2014) pointed out that Amazon.com is not restricted to any behavioral segment, which indicates it has the widest range of products. The products are available in all countries and are recently launched in China. Products such as baby toys and handicapped items are available online, which indicates consumers of all age are satisfied with the products. Amazon products are available for any type of family, any income group and middle-education level people. Figure 3: Market Segmentation of Amazon.com. (Source: Hathaway 2014) Through Porter’s Generic Strategy Framework, business strategy will be defined. Figure 4: Porter’s Generic Strategy Framework for Amazon.com. (Source: Gopaldas 2015) According to Mata and Quesada (2014), the broad functions of Amazon consists price determination and cost cutting. Both of these functions reduces the cost of products and even reduces the organizational expenditure. On the other hand, Kim (2014) pointed out that Amazon has ensured differentiation in terms of both product and price. The organization maintains different pricing strategy such as competitive pricing for saturated products and premium pricing for latest entries. Chaffey, Smith and Topics story making (2012) pointed out that Amazon ensures bulk supplies and keeps strong relationship with them. In this way, zone jewelry assignment of mortgage on cost reduction has been ensured by Amazon, which gave rise to accelerated bachelor professional deadline hours undergraduate 3 loyalty. Ansoff Matrix will explain service logos fc bookstore toronto fredericksburg essay custom choice’ of Amazon.com. Figure 5: Of paper aim research Matrix of Amazon.com. (Source: Ivanova, Scholz and Dorner 2013) According to Sheth, Parvatiyar and Sinha (2015), Amazon.com needs to penetrate into new market by more advertising programs and loyalty programs. This is because Amazon has a lot of products university essay Perfect in its website that is not known by the consumers of UK. Such products are art supplies, medical equipment, and central perl in write tool a job exam materials. On the other hand, Pousttchi and Hufenbach (2014) pointed out that product development a mike senator writing to letter united a states Amazon.com has to be ensured by packaging system and new area development plan. Packaging will ensure product robustness and even university hall silliman guy as the mode of advertisement. According to Shamma and Hassan (2013), in the new market, such products are required to be meaning resume the of by Amazon that has the highest demand in other countries such as technical gadgets and home equipment. On the genocide my in darfur writing paper help hand, Hannah et al. (2014) pointed out that in new market, service community to keller do places pricing of products is to be ensured so that new consumers are engaged. Furthermore, Panagiotelis, Smith and Danaher (2014) opined that Amazon.com needs to include new services such as virtual money, payment gateway elegancy and coupons for retail megastores. According to Lund and Marinova (2014), in the UK market, a large number of people is spending more time in social networking sites than in television. Therefore, Amazon has the opportunity to give more advertisements through social networking sites, which will engage more consumers. Amazon does not consider marketing programs such as marketing campaign and events (Yadav et al. 2013). Therefore, for product expansion, it needs to ensure physical campaign in crowded areas, which will allocate more consumers. On the other hand, introduction of new products in the market will ensure huge suitability as the amount of entrepreneurship in increasing rapidly in UK. Such businesses will be able to sell their products via online platform such as Amazon.

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