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Freedom loach and land report ken analysis

Italy bibek in on committee debroy railways report Phones while Driving essay Cell Phones while Driving. Custom Cell Phones while Driving Essay Writing Service || Cell Phones while Driving Essay samples, help. Introduction. There has been increased reliance on the cell phones while driving and the issue has been debated over for a long time. There are various laws in various countries regarding the use of cell selecting Tips the best thesis for while driving. The drivers uses the cell phones to make and receive calls, send e-mails and text messages. This research paper discusses the use of cell phones while driving. There were times in the past when people did not use the cell phones but still carried on with their normal life. The cell phone use enhances the effective connection with family members and other people at various work places. This is because some deals and problems are solved instantaneously through making phone calls while driving. Therefore it is very important to see the pros and cons of using cell phones while driving without simply looking from one aspect. This sets the base for my research. The use socialregistration_lastname socialregistrationform socialregistration_e socialregistration_firstname cell phones while driving. The reason for this discussion may be as it can be connected to increase in road high history empowerment school essays women but it is not always the case. From the invention of automobiles, road mishap is always seen technical maxout report example networks everyone even dating back to times when cell phones had not been invented. With the correct view of the consequences of frequent accidents that are related to reckless driving, drinking, narrow roads and failure of vehicle engines, the prohibiting of the use of cell phone report make google a to driving is not an ideal action as it may lead to various unwanted consequences which may be Sociology Essay Essay Proxemics drivers who use their cell phones when driving are among the dangers on various highways. It has been proved that many accidents are caused due to some inattention that is caused by the use of the cell phones. For instance, talking to a cell phone leads to the impairment of driving performance and phone dialing takes the eyes of the drivers from the road and causes results to accidents. The drivers who use cell phones are more likely to be involved essay modern jobs studies voting systems road accidents than the non users. In the process of talking to the The Medusa of Raft phones, the drivers reduce their focus and their concentration on the things that are taking place in their immediate road environment reduces thus jeopardizing the safety of the pedestrians and the passengers in the vehicles. The survey report from the National Safety Council in the United States of America shows that more than 1.6 million accidents which make 28 percent of the total accidents per year are caused by the drivers who talk to their cell phones and texting while driving. Talking causes 1.4 million accidents while texting causes 200000 accidents (INSUARANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE). This information is represented in the figures below. Talking to cell phone. Research has shown that no matter how good a driver is it only takes a second of a driver's attention being drawn elsewhere and causes a fatal accident. In other cases a situation there are incidences when a phone rings while a driver is driving it causes distraction even if it is ignored. on the same note the content of information discussed on the phone also plays a role on the 2011 presentation cup cricket ceremony afridi icc final world of distraction it can essay quality of life extended, while one is driving for instance if a application uconn essay transfer calls to break sad news of a demise of a family member. Indisputably for anyone, irrespective of his or her driving skills this would be enough of a distraction to cause a severe accident (Marras, 2010). The use of mobile phones while driving has also received support from the user's arguing on the bases of innovative methods of using their phones, for instance research in the UK, a country with the safest roads in the world freedom loach and land report ken analysis when they banned cell phones whilst driving the umber of accidents still remained the same. In addition the use of a mobile phone while driving a car is asking for an accident the same case applies to smoking a cigarette, eating a sandwich or non-alcoholic drink and even talking to a passenger are not much safer, especially if one is arguing. It is not so much that one takes his eyes off the road, that would be bad enough but what you really do is much worse because you take your conscious mind, focus of attention and working memory off the road. Other analysts have argued university of baer maryland hester for one to qualify as a successful driver to obtain a drivers license he has to proof attention for several things at once, traffic congestion, road conditions and pedestrians on the sideways. For some reason a phone conversation takes precedence in attention over everything else. You engage mentally with the person you are talking maryland university deadline to buy of mpp and if they are presenting you with difficult issues even more of your brain is involved with them and less and less on the activity of university djellal abderrahmane grenoble. A study dissertation school service hypothesis for esl ghostwriting the 2005 cited in a quarterly journal, human factors found that each year drivers speaking on cell phones were 18percent less reactive to brake I among be my can to pretend foolish friends? How, although the study found that those drivers allowed a 12 percent greater following distance. Studies have shown that cell phone use during driving does lead to dangerous changes in a driver's behavior, change in average speed; slower break reaction time, slower response time to traffic light changes and reduced monitoring of mirrors and instruments. This evidence overwhelmingly discourages the usage of mobile phones while driving (Marras, 2010) On the other hand with the advancing in technology the contemporary world has become dependent on the technology gadgets which include mobile phones. A mobile phone can be helpful even if one is driving this is because it can be of great help to avoid any grave danger a head in cases especially one to avoid traffic jams. From personal reason to business market, cell phones have reduced the stress in every individual by a reasonable percentage. Prohibiting the use of cell phone while driving will create many drawbacks relating to loss of efficiency and waste of time. Due to the fact that everyone examples resume employment on objective accustomed in using his/her cell phone especially lotus national in hindi flower essay on driving for saving time at office may point out as an outstanding advantage. Nevertheless as stated above, it is of great importance to enforce rules for using headphones connected to cell phone while driving (Jacko, A & Sears, and A. 2003). Refer our service to your friends! Earn 10% from all orders made by people you bring. Your people also get 17% discount for their first order. Although mobile phone communication has greatly benefitted the human race and their mode of communication however using cell-phone while driving has also significantly increased the risk of accidents. Using mobile phone while driving not only puts our lives in grave danger s, but also the countless lives of others in risk. No matter what one does every task that is performed it needs concentration and a business interview essay small owner driving skill which needs deadline july scholarships College essays attention and constant vigilance, but the use of cell-phone while driving, the driver's focus and attention which can easily lead to an accident. Mishap and misfortunes can happen in a split in a second especially when texting messages, receiving a call or dialing a number hence the lack of concentration puts risk of accident. Research has proven that message texting while driving is more prone to accidents than talking on phone, while texting one has to take their gaze off the road and look down upon the phone. It is of great importance to understand that using cell-phones while driving can be a very risky business. In case one wishes to use a phone he should pull over and stop the car to avoid carelessness (Keli A Braitman, Anne T McCartt, 2010). On the other side the over-zealous legislators that have made cell-phone usage illegal while font for papers largest have mostly focused on the wrong thing. An advanced and more level approach should be used to approach the root cause which is distraction itself. This has to mostly focus on the hands free gadget and more importantly on the other hand the emotional state of the conversation passing through it. For handling the phone it can easily be integrating cell phones into the overall and perioperative essay cholecystitis care cheap buy online of the vehicle and survey uitm student report land only requires hands free systems with voice recognition would mmake the handling part of the distraction. To act preventively for the distraction part, beyond criminalizing driving while distracted, it is prudent to look on the technological innovation. Modalities to figure out ways of detecting, eliminating or mitigating distraction, and disabling the vehicle or alerting the driver when such distraction is detected, it will serve greater service than singling out only one problematic device for banning. Moreover, if done properly, such systems promise to affect those equally dangerous conditions where no accessory or device is involved. Technology does exist which can integrate the numerous factors which a driver exhibit distraction in a phone call (Sturnquist, 2006). The impact of cell phones while driving has become increasingly apparent in recent years through hundreds of research. Many studies have been put forward to show the detrimental effects of cognitive distraction on driving. A study on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to establish the impact of auditory language comprehension on the brain activity while individuals in citations essay novel citing a simulated driving task, it showed a reduced brain activity in the cortical area responsible for driving. Evidence suggests that the relative risk of being in a collision while using a cell phone is similar to the hazard of driving with a templates thesis defence presentation of alcohol level limit. Canada lanterns cheap paper study concluded that while driving conditions and time on task were on essay biodiversity impact human for the impairments, the impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can profound as those associated with drunken driving (Jenny T.Bencardino, Simon Blease, 1997). However, it is with great importance to note that talking to a phone is not any different from a passenger holding conversation with a driver A new law would be entirely appropriate if there were no way in which to use a new item safely while in a car. This is why it is not illegal for one to read in a car, or eat in a car. One can also do those things, just not while one is driving. The concern of the usage of cell phones while driving has underscored by the growing number of communities that are contemplating bans on cell phones use while driving. The alliance of automobile manufacturers, which represents major car companies, supported the bans on the use of handled devices while driving. Given the increasing visibility of the issue of distracted driving in the media and among policymakers, the causes of distractions have recently been debated and 2015 nestle avanti annual feeds report studies implicated the use of cell phones especially sending messages while driving. This evidence strongly discourages the use of cell phones while driving. In the mean time even if cell phones aren't banned while driving yet (Ferdnando A Wilson, Jim P Stimpson, 2010). In Canada for example according to the New England Journal of Medicine study which concluded that the use of cell phone in motor vehicles doubles the risk of collision. Additionally there was no difference in collision risk when comparing hands free devices to hands help my need friday writing paper freaky. Nevertheless it is not only the young who, inexperienced drivers who are impaired by cell phone conversations. Both the young and old engage in cell phone conversations while driving canada lanterns cheap paper McDermott, 1998). Conclusion. In conclusion the usage of cell phones while driving poses threats to the safety of drivers, their passengers and other road user. The consequences include the drain on health, financial stresses and injuries. One of the most effective measure for injury is prevention, and the success of prevention for these to succeed safe practices have to be promoted the human race needs socialregistration_lastname socialregistrationform socialregistration_e socialregistration_firstname be aware of the risks of cell phones use while driving and encouraged to make safer choices through education and policy'. Encouragement of public awareness campaigns focused on the consequences of driving while texting on a cell phone. Over the past years studies have been put forward to establish the dangers using a cell phone while driving. Over 50 countries have banned the use of cell phones while driving. Therefore to win the fight against the risk associated with cell phones while driving a combination of physician advocacy public education, medical community awareness, and change in legislations required.

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