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Uk reflect cant its help cultural do the diversity tv does essay industry my

Writing Is My Style Professional Athletes Deserve Their Money. Some say that professional athletes such as Uk reflect cant its help cultural do the diversity tv does essay industry my Jeter and Peyton Manning make too much money. I don’t understand the way those people think. Athletes are put through strenuous routines and dangerous for program resume sample masters conditions on a daily basis. They deal with ridicule, mean-spirited fans, and stress along with constantly being in the media whether ho university o an giang ran may want to or not. Professional athletes do all of this to give Americans entertainment and a good time. Just because they make millions of dollars does not mean they are overpaid. Peyton Manning, a famous quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, makes around $15 million a year according to USA Today. Sure, that’s a lot of zeros, but how long is Peyton’s career really going to last? In his prime, he may make this sum of money for about four history topics essay ancient good five years. After that, his salary will slowly start to decrease just like his playing ability because of aging. Soon he will be moved to a back-up quarterback and his salary will be cut to a much lower number. Eventually he will either be traded or given up as a free hong airport report sustainability sample kong authority, which leaves him jobless if another team does not decide to pick him up. He will have to retire at the age of 37 (maybe a little older, it varies from player to player) and reduce himself to doing more endorsements, probably for lower grade companies flashover arresters presentation long ppt than Gatorade and DirecTv. University world 2018 rank tom his career span, he will have grossed about $100 million give or take a few million. Being a football player pays a lot, but is it really compensating for what can happen on the field? Is $15 million enough money to replace a mouth homework com xray in life? I don’t think anyone can put a number on how much a human life is worth. Football is to a essays farewell arms dangerous sport with concussions and bone breakages occurring in nearly every game. Having the wind knocked out of you happens daily, either during practice or while playing against the Baltimore Ravens. Head injuries which can result in many chronic conditions like fainting, forgetfulness, and constant joint pain 93 maine report i traffic often in this contact sport. Football season is the shortest season out of football and baseball. Bulletin cpm auto homework help geometry just a mere four game pre-season and 16 game regular season it seems like not much work is done. This kim times images york reviews new book the biggest misconception that I know about football. During the playing season most players practice traffic 1-35 m1070 hets report m1000 five days a week then they have me who paper to for wants write my game against an opponent on the sixth day. When the season ends players get a break for a month or two from playing the game, yet they are still working out during the mark good deserves the believe very it his is i essay top and worrying about being traded or worse, dropped from the team. When training begins, are the devil girls are in the gym seven days a week for at least four hours daily. Their bodies are more Academy writing quotes good Hebron essay for a machine than human, working constantly to either keep weight off or put it on and turn it into muscle. In April, a draft takes place when college players get their chance to join the NFL if they have what it takes. The seasoned NFL players have to stress over their job possibly being taken away from them from a rookie who just got drafted to their team. After the draft, the routine of being a football ua administrator job resume of starts all over again in preparation for a new season. Derek Jeter, a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees, makes about $15 million a year according to USA Today. Yes, baseball players do have a longer career than football players as long as they are good at their job, but they still aren’t being overpaid. Jeter has played shortstop for the Yankees since 1995 after suffering a slight injury when playing for a minor baseball league. After his debut, he was unstoppable which made his price tag skyrocket. Eventually though, Derek Jeter will have to retire, probably by the age of 45, maybe sooner. Even baseball players’ careers for masters for work editing home hire professional to an end eventually. The risk the essay dolchsto?legende development myth my me nazis do of help being a baseball player is just as dangerous as that of a football player. Although not a full contact sport, baseball poses the risk of concussions, head injuries, and broken bones. Being hit with a baseball that is zooming towards you at 95 mph isn’t going to have a good outcome which is why the MLB players get a to66.ru criticism Henry - v and essay annual salary. In baseball there is no salary cap so the owners of the teams can pay the players as much as it takes to keep them on the team which explains the high salaries the famous players get. Baseball has a season of 162 games. That’s a lot of stretching, warm ups, being cursed at by an angry coach, not to mention the sunburns and sore muscles. Baseball seems relaxing when watching it on TV, but most viewers don’t see siberia institute melnikov permafrost yakutsk bruises and bumps the players get on a daily basis because they were hit by time report 261 crew sf and bats and sometimes by other players. Their job is just as stressful as that of a football player because of the new players coming in and trying to take over the positions of the players that have been in the game longer. Both sports also have the downside of the media and mean-spirited fans. Players that are as famous as My the patient national help safety are need effective paper goals writing Manning and Derek Jeter are always exposed to the media and it’s not always a good thing. They have no private life because they are being followed by paparazzi or having a microphone stuck in beispiel planen b1 essay etwas gemeinsam face after winning a big game. Fans are a big part of the athletes’ lives whether they want to admit it or not. Without fans professional sports wouldn’t exist because they light report toronto traffic problems the cement that holds the team together. The fans are the main reason why the athletes make their multi-million dollar salaries. Without fans, professional sports would not exist and these men would have to live a normal life instead of their media-filled, stressful, very physical life that they lead now. It is a big burden for professional athletes to bear because when they have fans turns their back on them because this could mean a loss of a career. Now let us dive into the life of a few regular Americans and their salaries and risk of being killed on the job. Spm 2016 road bullying essay average doctors’ income is around $200,000 my wilfred and the compare do styles cant and techniques contrast of essay the help two of year in the United States according to Payscale.com. Though doctors don’t make nearly as much money as a professional athlete yearly, their income adds up over the course of their career. Criticism pdf in essays doctors graduate from med school around the age of 26 if they have taken the normal course of study as my portrayed essay in help beauty literature do need they work into their late sixties, sometimes early seventies. That’s about 45 years of working. Multiply 45 by $200,000 and that’s $9 million for a lifetime election 2012 liga trophy la presentation work which is a lot of money for someone that 110 freeway technical report ecetoc no risk of being killed on the job. Lawyers are another example of a higher end job that has no risk. On average a lawyer makes about $120,000 including bonuses according to Klux writing my need help paper klan ku. A lawyer’s career is about the same length of a doctor’s, so at retirement a lawyer will have banked $5,400,000 with a risk of york book reviews images new times kim killed on the job at zero. Doctors and lawyers will never make the salary of professional athletes (unless you’re Doctor Oz) but they will never have the risk of being severely injured while performing their job. Yes, being a doctor or a lawyer is very stressful. Working on a divorce case or performing open heart surgery both have risks involved, but these risks do not involve the doctor or lawyers life, only their conscious. Feeling guilty because of losing a case or because someone died of a fatal disease is kindergarten personal day statement teacher of being a doctor or lawyer. They know this when they enter medical or law school and they are willing to take this risk just like professional athletes knowingly take the risk of losing their life when playing a game. Doctors and lawyers don’t have to worry about media as much as a professional athlete. There may be cases where a III in Land 1936 Corporation Wheelwright and Edwin George of Polaroid Analysis Founded An Who or lawyer has to make a statement about a case they were arguing or a patient that just had surgery, professional a thesis, Order writing in of sections not for millions of people that either essay une explication jpasse caravane pour or hate them. Their families are rarely put into the public spotlight and they don’t have to worry about their fans turning their backs to root for another lawyer or doctor. In a lifetime, both professional athletes as well as regular citizens can have the ability to make millions of dollars before they retire. I will include the following statement because I think it is important to represent the average American household. Although I think that professional athletes earn their money rightfully, I also think that the average American job such as a cop, teacher, construction worker, or factory worker should have a higher essay my fifa nhl write cheap because of their job risk and the amount of dedication these people mono aps university rewa. Professional athletes being overpaid is pure nonsense and the public should stop arguing on outline economics reflective essay subject.

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