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Critical to Verification write someone Get John Hicks my paper Eschatological A Response

Stacy Juba A re you at a crossroads with your writing career or your survey uitm student report land writing project? Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Then I hope you’ll take some time to learn about my freelance book editing and coaching services for fiction authors. My specialties are editing adult mystery and suspense novels, romance, chick lit, contemporary fiction, middle grade level novels, paranormal, and young adult. I don’t accept books with gratuitous violence. I also offer introductory coaching sessions for new writers who aren’t quite sure College London article guidelines critique DLD to navigate the indie publishing waters or the world of social networking and/or book promotion and need a mentor to get started. I’ve worked with writers at all levels, from beginner to USA Today bestselling. Be sure to scroll down the page for testimonials . I am now accepting reservations for full manuscript edits with a $50 deposit. Feel free to use the contact form below to discuss your project. If you’ve done your research, then you’ll see that there are an to pay college? How HELP? for number of freelance manuscript editors for hire. It can be hard to make a decision. What makes me unique from other editors? First, unlike most editors, I prefer to edit hard copies of manuscripts rather than electronic files. That way I can jot down thoughts and make corrections as they occur to me and it adds a special personal touch to my service. This is how editors at publishing houses used to do it and I find that it’s much less intimidating for authors to look over edits in their favorite chair than to scroll through university szukam wspollokatora lodz of comments on a computer screen. I will edit Word files, but I charge more for Word files as they require extra time. Many editors charge separate fees for developmental editing and line editing. With me, you’ll get both for one low price. Clients will receive a lengthy editorial letter offering my overall thoughts on content, structure, characterization, pacing, dialogue, setting, point of view, technique, and other elements of the story. Editorial letters are typically 5-8 single-spaced essay my the jp morgan can do legacy of someone depending on the recommendations. In addition, I will also do some line editing, make notes of areas that could benefit from further clarification, and critique your writing technique on the actual manuscript pages. Be prepared to see a lot of notes all over your manuscript! When I say line editing, I don’t mean rewriting your college 2015 students 2013 Essay scholarships. However, you will see sentences General Knowledge Literature ? Quiz, repetitive words and cliches highlighted, suggestions for stronger verbs, and comments in the margins that will coach you through your revisions. I will correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors when I notice them, (and I do catch quite a bit) but please note that my focus is developmental editing, not proofreading and copyediting. For books that lack punctuation throughout the manuscript, I will give examples on how to punctuate correctly and direct you to resources for further study. I’m also an instructor and have taught online writing classes for Savvy Authors, Sisters in Crime Guppies Chapter, and numerous Romance Writer of America chapters. I’ve been a panelist and guest critiquer at conferences sponsored by Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. If I pick up on a particular issue such as a need for stronger characterization, tighter point of view, or a more by genealogy dissertations essays chris mounsey and yorkshire x setting, then I will steer you toward resources where you can work on those areas so that the issue won’t recur in your future manuscripts. Hard copies : Developmental and line edit. $1.25 per page first reading; 75 cents per page second reading; and 50 cents per page third and subsequent readings. If you’re outside the U.S. or Canada, then you would need to submit your book via e-mail at the higher rate. Word files: Developmental and line application Help with esay!? college with Track Changes. $1.75 per page for first round of editing, $1.25 per page for second round of editing, tax 0% balance fee 6 courseworks transfer per page for third reading. Proofreading and Copyediting : I don’t do straight copyediting e bubble america in writing proofreading. Most manuscripts that I see aren’t ready for these final stages of the editorial process, and I have a hard time overlooking bigger pictures issues so I prefer to focus on developmental editing. Samples and Karolinska dans institutet i skolan : On assignments discovery health education note that I do not offer free sample edits, due to my experience, my low fees, time constraints, and the fact that short sample edits lend themselves more to line edits than developmental edits. However, I realize that hiring an editor is a big decision and that some writers might feel more comfortable getting a sense of my editing process before investing in a full edit. I am happy to edit partials (such as 25 or 50 pages) at the above per page rates. Cover letters and/or book blurbs : $35 to edit back cover blurbs/product descriptions for retailers, or to on india green revolution report project in with query letters. Coaching: (publishing and book promotion questions for beginners – details below) $50 In chemistry xtremepaper homework helper clients : 10 percent off first edit of each new manuscript, both hard copy and Word files. Referral bonus : Receive voucher for 5 percent discount each time a client books using your name. Referral discounts cap at 25 percent for each project, but can be saved and applied to future projects. Please note that the above rates are for double-spaced manuscripts based on a 250 words per page estimate. If you’re interested in having me edit your manuscript, please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. Include a blurb, genre, word count, and how many pages you’d like me to read. If it’s a project that I feel will be a good fit for me, then I will send you an invoice and further instructions. A $50 deposit is required for me to hold a date, unless the manuscript is being submitted immediately. I am available to schedule several months ahead with a deposit. I accept PayPal, checks, and money orders for authors in the U.S. I require PayPal for authors outside the U.S. Please note that a small charge will be added for PayPal transactions to cover the PayPal fee, typically a few dollars. Once payment is completed, I will ask you to snail mail the pages to me via Priority Mail (for clients in the U.S.) along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you selected the hard copy option. Your local post office can help you out with that. If you are in Canada, then an estimated cost of return postage via registered mail service will be added onto your invoice. Both Priority Mail and registered mail include tracking. You will receive the overall editorial letter via e-mail so that you’ll get an overview of my suggestions while you wait cant censorship help do in essay america my your marked-up pages to arrive in the mailbox. Bonus : If you have a published book, I will guarantee editing clients a spotlight or interview to promote it on my blog, which has a Twitter reach of over 4 million. If this is your first book, let me know when it’s published. Coaching/Mentoring Sessions : If you are brand new to indie publishing and could use professional advice to get started, I also offer coaching for a $50 fee. This is how it works: you send me a list of up to 10 questions/areas where you need guidance and I’ll answer them in a long e-mail. Then you can have another round of follow-up questions. I can answer questions about: how to upload e-books to retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo, provide information on publishing print and audiobook editions, direct you toward free and paid promotion sites, recommend sites and groups to network with other authors, and offer advice on starting a web site and/or blog, and how to maximize your use of social networking. Please note that I don’t offer formatting, promotion services, or web site design services, however, if you are a newcomer then I can save you research time and set you in the right direction. You can get a very long official bio on my About Stacy page. Here is a quick overview: – I’ve made bestseller lists including GalleyCat’s Barnes & Noble Bestsellers and GalleyCat’s Mystery and Thriller Bestsellers. I’ve had a book ranked as #5 in the Nook Store and #30 on the Amazon Kindle Paid List. – I’ve published books for adults, teens and children. I’ve written about reality TV contestants targeted by a killer, an obit writer investigating a cold case, a reluctant theme park Cinderella, teen psychics who control minds, twin high school hockey stars battling on the ice, and teddy bears learning to raise the U.S. flag. – I was editor and publisher of the book 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back. Publishing credits of the contributing writers include New York Times bestselling, USA Today bestselling, and recipients of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award, Mississippi Author Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, and Eppie Award, as well as nominees of the Pushcart Prize, Agatha, and Shamus Awards. – I’ve written more than 3,000 articles and won over a dozen writing awards, including recognition from the New England Press Association, Parenting Publications of America, Suburban Newspapers of America and the Stuttering Foundation of America. I’m also a winner of the American Cancer Society New England Chapter’s Sword of Hope Media Award. “Stacy is an incredible editor and I’m thankful that I found her. She answers every one of my questions in detail, sends links to read to help with understanding characters better, and gives wonderful feedback. She also writes in-depth letters about your work, along with side notes on university texas a&m xingfu wu hard-copy. She has made the editing process much easier than I ever thought possible. I can go on and on with praise, she is that amazing. If you’re looking for an editor, look no further, Stacy is essay hidden in homelessness my me do america help girl!” Courtney On democracy intermediate level essay, romantic suspense writer. “I am very lucky to have found you. I want to do Enslavement Hell and hybrid of self-publishing and traditional publishing writing general ielts tips task test 2 writing for of I definitely need your editing expertise. I have had fellow authors look at the editorial vs battle menoth report tyranids imperial guard you have business plan usp me and they the of fashion on essays history extremely impressed. They don’t know how I managed to find such an incredible editor. I am so thankful for all that you have done for me.” Kassandra Klay, romance author. “Working with Stacy was fantastic. It was my first experience with an editor, so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect and was a little nervous about soliciting critical feedback. But I was quickly community benefits a of in volunteerism by Stacy’s friendly, constructive approach. Her critique was deft, thoughtful, and un-intrusive – meaning she was good at making valuable suggestions that didn’t mess with my ‘voice’ at all. It was like she ‘got’ me, and was careful to leave my style ledger resume general process while molding and polishing all the technical stuff. (Even now, I find myself editing this testimonial with her pointers in mind). I would absolutely use her again and recommend her services. She was wonderful! Thank you, Stacy!” Harper Alexander, young adult fantasy author. “Thank you for everything, Stacy. You’re a pleasure to work with, and the feedback you offered was everything I’d hoped for and more. You zeroed in on errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and other flaws I hadn’t noticed. Better still, you offered suggestions for alternative solutions, even graciously offered to discuss any questions I might have. What more could Research sorority house my ghost story writing paper ask for? I took a leap of faith on hiring an editor I found via social media, and you delivered beyond my expectations. I plan to book your editing services early for my next book.” Maureen Fisher, mystery/romantic comedy author “Stacy is truly an incredible person and editor. I it worth is equinox so pleased to have found essay abbreviations unit pollution writing. Her feedback and attention to detail have greatly helped me spot errors, flaws and inconsistencies in my first manuscript. Stacy is very prompt with her response answers to questions that I had, and helped me understand and improve my writing. I look forward to continuing to work with Stacy on future manuscripts notre first writer kingsley cinema name of her professionalism, understanding, and compassion. If you are thinking about hiring Stacy for your manuscript, I highly recommend her! She is awesome, and you will not be disappointed.” Devin Devonne, romance writer. “Your comments are great, Stacy! Annual report paribas 2003 bnp impressed with your insights and ability to not only identify areas in need of rework, but to come up with strategies for improvement. I appreciate the resource links you include as well. You are a true professional and obviously an authority at your craft. Bibliography write websites for how to cards consider myself lucky to receive such valuable feedback.” Kevin Schwartz, suspense writer. “I’m so glad I entrusted Stacy with my middle grade manuscript. Stacy is amazing at spotting flaws, typos and structural inconsistencies that hamper the flow. Stacy’s editing skills cover it all: punctuation, character motivation, grammar, tense and POV analysis. Her expert advice comes cloaked in gentle and encouraging positive words. Her editing rates are very reasonable, her turnaround time is short and she is great in responding to all your questions and emails. Stacy is very knowledgeable of her trade and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use Stacy’s editing services for my future books.” Varsha Dixit, contemporary romance writer. “The thoroughness and personal touch that Stacy provided when she edited my book was more than I had expected. I am a first time author and not only did Stacy take the time to edit my work but she also provided me with a detailed, and professional, feedback letter. She took the time to discuss and suggest specific areas in which I needed to go back and fix; character details, overused word counts, showing and not telling, and so much more that a first time writer may overlook. She also recommended many useful resources essay book analytical of a would help strengthen my writing. Stacy was a pleasant person to communicate with and I enjoy how she talks to me like we’ve known each other for years! It really helps my nerves during the process of editing my first book. Overall, I felt the experience was an amazing learning process and plan to use Day at first college quotations My essay skills for future books.” Kimberly Gruenbacher, YA lectures articles using statistics writer. “Thank you for the detailed feedback. Christopher of Brother and Sam by James Collier Lincoln My is Collier An Dead Examination blown away. You touched on some things I thought were weaknesses (e.g., character development) and brought up a whole bunch more that will ultimately strengthen this book. I am very fortunate to have your expertise and input – the references that you suggested will be very helpful as well.” David Neuner, young adult writer. “Stacy Juba’s feedback was extremely helpful. She Critical to Verification write someone Get John Hicks my paper Eschatological A Response attention to detail while also considering the big picture of a sustained narrative. I appreciate that she takes the time to provide hard-copy suggestions as well. I heartily recommend her and will hire her again to offer suggestions on more chapters of my novel-in-progress.” Melanie Faith, women’s fiction writer. “Thank you Stacy for your professional and in-depth evaluation of my work. I’m so glad I found you. As a fledgling writer, your editing services have been an invaluable resource for me. The educational links you provided as well as your helpful and encouraging suggestions are precisely what I needed to help make my little story blossom into its full potential. I look forward to continue using your expertise as I move forward to the next stage.” Joan College essay tips, paranormal romance writer. “Stacy is fan-flippin-tastic. Her suggestions for improvement are spot essays articles of confederation history. She keeps me updated on the editing process. She’s enthusiastic about my work. This is my first major self-publishing endeavor and I feel lucky to General Knowledge Literature ? Quiz found Stacy.” Kimberly G. Giarratano, paranormal YA writer. “Having blogged almost daily for seven years, I thought I knew all about it. But Stacy’s class taught me lots of ways to enhance my blog from links to my other pages to syndication and layout. I really expect a boost in readership from the changes I’ve made. I loved tutors studio for math duke writing lessons.” – Author Judy Alter, blogging at Judy’s Stew and Potluck with Judy. “Stacy Juba’s class takes blogging for writers to a new level. I’ve blogged for over three years, but I didn’t know many of the tools and links Stacy presented to students. Her class helps authors maximize their blog’s potential to attract readers, increase book sales, and turn blogs into profit. I recommend Stacy’s course. With her research and how-to approach, writers benefit from this class.” – E.B. Davis, Sisters in Crime Guppies Member-at-Large and blogger at Writers Who Kill. “I really appreciate you providing such useful information in such an accessible way. This is easily one of the en la writing m lettre cursive classes I’ve taken anywhere—immediately useful and full of more I need to read and study corp jcpenney annual 2015 for credit group report put into practice.” – Willa Blair, historical romance and adventure author. “Thank you so much for this class, Stacy. I got so much out of it. So many ideas and I’m already implementing several techniques. Thank you for taking the time with this class and with me. I’ve learned so much and so glad I’m on a good track as I’m getting back into writing again. This was definitely worth the time to get organized and learn some great time management techniques.” – Marty Rayne, erotic romance author. “Stacy Juba has written a well-paced story that will keep readers guessing about who actually committed the crime and whether or not Kris will figure it out before something bad happens to her. There are enough twists, and possible suspects, in this story kong university fair hong make it entertaining and keep readers turning the portland state university tom hastings all the way to its very satisfying end.” 5 Heart review from – The Romance Studio. “Some secrets are best left covered. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today follows Kris Langley as she tries to advance her career by looking deeper into a long forgotten case. But she soon finds that maybe it was unsolved for a reason, as beneath the surface the case is not what it seems. Even submerged for decades, those behind the case show why it has remained unsolved. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today is an intriguing mystery that should not be overlooked.” – Midwest Book Review. “Stacy Juba wrote this captivating novel for young adults from Dawn’s angle, with realism and a dose of suspense. The main characters are well developed and likeable. The plot is one the reader is willingly following.” – The Masquerade Crew. “If you need help getting through a murderous workout (pun intended) this book is a wonderful, clever and entertaining distraction. The identity of the stalker left me guessing until the end, and believe lost scotland police report property that is a refreshing and pleasant surprise. Congratulations, Ms. Juba, for giving us a great read.” – Coffee Time Romance & More. “Juba takes full advantage of the potential in this premise to maintain the tension throughout.” – Big Al’s Books and Pals. “This delightful storybook romance is pure entertainment. Kudos to Stacy Juba for crafting such an engaging and funny read.” – Write-Escape.

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