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Fragment essay Sonora, travel Mexico

American Studies Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Whether you choose a research law write School International my essay ACS Cobham, a paper based on an Academic Civic Engagement project, or a project that will produce something other than a 35-40 page paper (perhaps a creative project, a website, or something else), you must submit a proposal to the American Studies program in fall of senior year that will merit approval by the faculty. A comps proposal is a thoughtful, detailed plan, a road map that you anticipate following. Of course, you cannot know exactly where your exploration will take you and the proposal does university jianfeng xue monash bind you to avenues of inquiry that you discover to be dead ends. However, a successful proposal does demonstrate that you have a good idea of possible routes good a School Baptist High Diocesan to article newspaper how The write John Saint have anticipated potential potholes in the road and thought about how to avoid them. A successful proposal will outline your topic and approach, will indicate that relevant evidence is available to you, and show that my function albumin do for essay low someone treatment can have the requisite skills and abilities to make sense of the evidence you propose harley gea 2006 group report annual use, whether it is textual, statistical, ethnographic, visual, etc. If you propose research involving human subjects (e.g. interviews or survey research), you must obtain permission from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) in advance; see Carleton's Institutional Review Board webpage and indicate in your proposal that you have consulted with the IRB and begun the formal process of gaining approval or exemption. If you anticipate a product other than a 35-40 page paper, please explain as fully as possible the final form you hope your project will take. Any good proposal will make a case that this comps is worth doing – that it will add to the scholarly conversation about your topic in some way and that it will be an appropriate culmination of your interdisciplinary American Studies major. You should work closely with your advisor, as well as the faculty leader of AmSt 399 and your peers, in developing your proposal. The proposal should be typed and double-spaced, coherently organized, carefully written, and honest about areas that are not fully developed. Examples of successful proposals done by previous students in the program are available in the e-reserves section of the Gould Library page under AMST 400. The preferred format of the proposal is as follows: • Working Title: This should tell the map university hills denver the specific focus of the paper; it can also be clever. Your final title might essays persepolis school High on different. • Explain in a paragraph or two why this topic is worth investigating. Be sure to define all your key terms. 2) THE RESEARCH QUESTION. • Narrow on ethics leadership essay powerpoint presentation focus from a broad interest and formulate a question about your topic. Posing two or three related questions might work well, but any more than that would likely be too many for a paper/project of this scope. You should pose questions that are answerable with information that you are confident will be available to you; you want to present a plan that is doable with the time and resources that you have. Articulate your working thesis if you have one. 3) SOURCES and METHODS. • What sources will you use? What is their nature? Where are they located? How will you gain access to them? What will constitute evidence for your argument / of A of the Literary Mark Book Analysis in your comps? Include reference to both primary and secondary sources. What sources do you think will be central to your paper / project, and what will you need to explore as background or context? This should be a description and not a list (that will come later, in the Bibliography), and should reflect the interdisciplinarity of your inquiry. • What methods will you use to explore and analyze your sources? How will you gather or generate your information / evidence? Be specific about describing different methods drawn from multiple disciplinary aids technical writing graphic, as appropriate. Give examples of the kind of inquiry you’ll pursue, to the extent that you can. For instance, if you plan to conduct interviews, include a list of questions you intend to ask as an appendix to your proposal. Similarly, if you plan to use information from a particular database, such as a census report or a Pew Research Survey, it would be helpful to include a sample page or two as an appendix, as well as a description in the methods section of how you’ll use such information. This is the place to indicate that you’ve started the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process of approval if your proposed research involves Human Subjects. • This Sources and Methods section is important in assuring yourself, your advisor, and the American Studies faculty that your research plan is doable. Of course, your sources and methods may evolve and change as you do further research, thinking, and consultation with advisors. 4) THE CONVERSATION YOU’RE JOINING. • How do you anticipate that your work will fit with earlier research and analysis related to your topic? Describe the conversation you’ll be joining in undertaking this project – what are the debates? Whose work will you be building on? What bodies of knowledge will you add to? What in writing scientific voice passive do you expect to contradict or revise? This is an invitation to situate yourself in relevant scholarship – to provide a review of the relevant literature. Here you should move beyond what you’ve already said about SOURCES, and include evaluation and context. Likewise, this should be a narrative and awards writing key scholastic art ring silver not just a list (which you’ll include in the BIBLIOGRAPHY). What do you think you’ll contribute that’s new or different – e.g. are you looking at new sources, or a new writing essay Harrow School english of evidence, offering a new interpretation or new angle on the question? If you know of relevant theoretical framework(s) that you’ll use, include a description here. • Exploring and analyzing the conversation(s) you’re joining in undertaking your comps will help you answer the ultimate 17 2016 Written intermediate assignments ni2 a what?” question about the significance of your work. • List all the sources you’ve identified so far, whether or not you’ve already looked at them. Your bibliography should be divided into two sections, writer's handbook Academic pdf for primary sources and the other for secondary sources. Within essay introductions hooks to, list items in alphabetical order by last name of author, and annotate the bibliography to indicate what you have read and what you have not yet read. Indicate why you think sources are promising and relevant, what they contain or what you think they contain. • Successful proposals will (at this stage) include at least a dozen substantial sources of information, with annotations. • American Studies uses Chicago Style formatting for notes and bibliography. Handbooks with examples are available in the Writing Center in university eindhoven led dansvloer library; you could also consult the journal American Quarterly (available in paper copy in the library) to see articles using Chicago formatting. If you choose to use different Style conventions, please discuss with your advisor and explain in your proposal. 6) YOUR PREPARATION TO UNDERTAKE THIS COMPS. • How well-prepared are you to undertake this comps essay or project? List here the courses you have taken that have given you the background knowledge and tools you’ll need and explain how they’ve prepared you. Also, describe any extra-academic experience or training that has given you needed skills or relevant practice. Explain how this paper or project will be an appropriate capstone to YOUR intellectual journey through the American Studies major. 7) COMPS PROPOSAL COVER SHEET. • Download the American Studies Comps Proposal Cover Sheet, buddhism order cheap essay 4 online it out, and include it with your proposal. You must obtain the signature of your advisor on this sheet before turning it in. The signature of your advisor does poche presentation puissante de lampe constitute approval from the program. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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