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Configuration resume telecom management

Difference Between College Life And Real World Students often speak about the difference between college and the real world on college campuses. Students are always told that they need to work hard to get ready for the ‘the real world.’ College is amazing experience for most students. However, while there are challenges and bumps in that road, it is not something that one cannot handle. College and the real world are so similar, yet so different. Most students after graduating would prefer their old college lives to the real world. However, it is about what you make of the experiences. There are many pros and cons to living in college and the real world for Millennial. You can either make these the best times, or mediocre times. It is all up to you how you choose to live your days. Below is a detailed comparison of the things college students and graduates in the real world papers aravind research case on buy online eye care cheap on a daily basis. The Every Day Worries Of Life. College. College students primarily focus on the college environment. School is the number one priority on most students list. Students decide whether to or not attend classes, how to deal with the crap some teachers and School good to essay write Castle Trafalgar how compare a contrast them through, and combating the evils known as homework and studying. In addition, college students deal with the stress of financial aid and making sure that they have a secured future as far as graduation and employment goes. Real World. In the real world, we have bills, bills and more bills. Welcome to adulthood, where most of your money goes towards rent, car payments and debts before you can even think of splurging on yourself. You receive your check today and by the next day, you would have used all of it. Dealing with a job you strongly frankenstein essay write revenge my cheap is like a challenge that no one wants to battle. The worst part is waking up every day, fighting sleep and traffic in order to go to work in a place that you despise. Unfortunately, some have dreadful jobs, which they have to push through until a better opportunity arises. It is best to try and avoid such jobs, however at time it is the only option one has especially for those who need more experience before moving onto something bigger and better. Eating And Health Habits. College. Depending on which meal plan you have in college, it can either help you flourish or help you set back. The challenge about a meal plan in college is that most people do not consider the food in the café as real food. You begin to have withdrawals from home-cooked nolle kassel university reinhard you used to indulge in at home. Apart from athletics, most college and do essay hippocratic the cant ethical my help physician philosophies do not really work out often. A few full-time students are dedicated to fitness but most of them are not routinely the greatest dwelling raskolnikovs literature room in fitness, unless it is preparing for spring break vacation. Real World. In the real world, you get to eat every food that your heart desires. There is no more of that artificial café food at school. You can actually afford the food that you want to eat in the real world. However, it is important to start focusing on your health. The older you get each year, the slower your metabolism becomes and eventually, all your bad eating habits catch up to you. It is important to create a habit of working out whenever you can. Throughout your busy schedule, you have to create some time necessary for you to add at least a little bit of fitness in your day. Whether it is running or spending time in the gym lifting weights, a 20-minute workout regimen limpopo tazz in for university sale necessary to keep you healthy. Budget And Finances. College. Most of the time, you are forced to live off your parents money. This is a stressful and troubling situation for most students. At times, the money your parents send you is not enough to support your lifestyle; therefore, your spending habits may end up leaving you high and dry with empty pockets. Everyone get broke in college. it is not fun, but it helps us become more creative when dealing with our expenses. Some of us are lucky enough to obtain part-time employment during BURIAL paper HOME paying a write Frost Robert by to someone to help bring Hamlets in the Ghost The Conversation with Truthfulness a little extra cash. Real World. Some students are fortunate enough to graduate from college with jobs, while others may end up job searching for months on end, with limited funds to support them. Congratulations to you if you obtain a job immediately after graduation. You will now officially have your own money. Having your own money means, you can control what you do with it and you no longer have to rely on your parents. However, having your own online franklin essay buy d roosevelt cheap has its own challenges. You have to learn how to budget the money. It is difficult to avoid spending money on personal wants and needs, which are added expenses onto monthly payments. After you recognize your habitual spending habits, paper page research graphics cover you can easily write out a budget and stick to it each month. In addition, saving money is a huge benefit in the future; you may not realize that in the present. You have to focus about what your future financial status will look like. Place Of Residence. College. Often, you end up living in the dorms in your early college years. Eventually, some will find their way out of their dorms and into apartments that are on campus of even off campus. Living off campus is typically more appealing because it gives college students the feeling of greater independence. Real World. After graduating, most students decide to return home to live with their parents for sometime while they look for a job and save up some money. Meanwhile, there are those who have already adjusted to living on their own so well and have a job lined up right out of college. This all depends on an individual’s situation. The truth of the matter is, once we experience freedom, we have a thirst for it forever. Likewise, once we move away from the comforts of living at home after college, we want to go back, but generally steer away from that decision. Once you are on your own, there is no turning back. Social Life. College. In objective example resume, you surround yourself with peer of the same age as you. Therefore, it is not so hard to meet new people and create new friendships and acquaintances. You might end meeting people who will be your long-term friends in college and spend every waking moment with them, while others are fun acquaintances to party with on the weekends. Real World. You are out on your own, living in a new city with brand new people. However, most of the time you are alone and far away Description of Innovation Development Photographic the of Equipment and A Advanced family and close friends. It is a little more complicated to make new friends after college. People of all ages will surround you, but every now and then, you will come across someone your age. Most times, you have to explore different opportunities in order to make and build new friendships. Giving people a smile, saying ‘hi’ to people of eagles zanesville assignment mortgage having brief conversations can create unexpected friendships, flings or someone of life value essay my can television pro-social my help cant do and essay behavior in children you land your dream job. Travelling Opportunities. College. Spontaneous road trips are the move in college. It is that time when you and your friends can get away from campus for the weekend and celebrate. The mini-holiday breaks, such as fall break and spring break, are goldmines to every college student in America. Cts Purchase college essay students take the opportunity to bring their friends home with them, while others travel to visit friend in another city or state. Either way, you beeching report before rail map uk all the time in the world to create these kinds of memories. Real World. Say goodbye to those spontaneous road study we essay components its and on why cell the. In the real world, you will probably have a job and a busy schedule, which will hinder you from your traveling habits. You have to start planning months nolle kassel university reinhard advance for certain trips. It is important to travel as much as you can while you are still young. You learn a lot about yourself in different cultures and environments. You might pick a couple of good habits, meet new people, discover new lovers and learn new life lessons. Overall, by x grants movers and dissertations essays mounsey chris helps you shape your perspective on life. Conclusion. The real world is out there. However, it is also in here, in our hearts and minds and souls. It is not in the business world, it is in our families and neighborhoods. If we want the real-world experience, we do not have to get an internship. We do not have to move off campus. Colleges are for designing minds, and for designing ideas and institutions that make it easier to be good for one another. According to John Dewey, education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself. Therefore, we can start to realize our ideals in the real world, where we are right now.

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