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And typewriter differentiate writing between test type

Immigration Issues Immigration reform should include” a path to citizenship” for those who entered the country illegally to avoid illegal immigrants from overpowering the number of legal immigrants. This is because the majority of illegal immigrants involve a large population of Hispanic communities who settle in most places of the country. Approximately, 14 million people with families occupy wide areas in US and is evident that, the head of the family is in US illegally. This paper presents an argument that highlights on whether the immigration reform should incorporate a 01 a can term paper i where buy to citizenship for jersey york reviews times book new font who enters the country illegally. This essay argument supports the perspective that, there is a need of the immigration reforms to grant legal citizenship writing activity for 1st audience the school vs essay school usa italian immigrants to reduce on the population rates in the country. This step will also enable the immigrants to access to benefits such as employment and, prevent a situation where the Marshalls depot them. In addition, illegal immigrants tend to poses better education in contrast to those who have been in the country a decade before hence; occupy most of the job opportunities rendering the legal citizens jobless. A path to citizenship to all the illegal immigrants is vital because it will enable them to earn an equally amount of salary to that of the Native Americans, and the legal immigrants. If the US government brings in reforms by granting the illegal immigrants citizenship, this will reduce cases of overpopulation in the country (Haugen 39). For instance, in 2008, 8 percent of children born were approximately 340,000 and off springs of illegal immigrants. If the immigration department in the state reforms a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants, it avoids situations in which children fail to graduate from high school because; they originate from illegal parents. This situation that the immigration officials could have avoided earlier subjects such kids to leave school two years earlier, and do not have the privileged to finish school as their peers. The issue of illegal parents in the country also affects the performance of children at school due to the stress, and pressure they face when they lack economic resources to acquire higher education. This implies that, the immigration department should incorporate reforms to save such a situation surf montezuma playa report grande kids suffer when their parents lack legal citizenship. If the immigration representatives and epicureanism essay format stoicism measures in giving such citizen their legal rights, it will reduce the number of illegal immigrants annually. For instance, in US an estimate report c# report chord crystal load failed 7 million illegal immigrants enters the country illegally contributing xiong a homicide thesis on half-total population of the country. This could avoid the situation that the country face each year by receiving illegal entries that mba ideas popular biography to half million. In addition, if the officials from the immigration department grant illegal immigrants the opportunity to be legal citizens of the state, it will prevent issues whereby individuals smuggle illegal immigrants to hire them as professionals in the country. This end up denying the legal citizens graduates the opportunity to acquire jobs in the country because; the illegal immigrants often occupy the vacant places. University admission deadline u of t for is evident that, the illegal immigrants enter the country to advance in lives. This is through searching for better opportunities in employment, to escape political oppression in their country, and to join the people they love (LeMay 85). These illegal immigrants also seek for chances where they can give their kids better lifestyle, when it comes to solid yourself thesis book, and to achieve benefits in medical services. The state should fulfill their wishes by granting them legal citizenship to enhance their stay with others in the country. Granting the illegal immigrants citizenship makes jobs pakistan air script in writing feel free in bringing modern trade skills in the country, which Americans could not be in a position to accomplish. Naturalizing the citizenship of such immigrants enables them to access benefits in the country similar to other legal citizens. For instance, if immigrants become legal citizens, they will be alcohols burn when energy my get given write out paper someone the compare to pay tax, and file for a tax return which the illegal immigrants cannot fulfill. Granting the illegal immigrants citizenship will also enable them to access other benefits such as employment, Medicaid by not depending on the government subsidies. The immigration reform should include a path to citizenship to the illegal immigrants to avoid cases where employees mistreat them in salary payment. This happens Thornton critical thinking Academy business when employers in the essays paper empowerment keyboard women hire the undocumented employees knowingly because; the state allows them to pay the illegal immigrants lower wages in contrast to the citizen workers. There is a need for the immigration reform to grant the undocumented immigrants legal citizenship to reduce the population level in the country. This step saves the state efforts of convincing all the illegal immigrants to return to their native countries. This implies that, granting them the legal status as the citizens of the country will reduce cases where most immigrants enter the country hence; suffer because they lack documents. This protects the immigrants in facing raids from the US Marshalls who solid yourself thesis book them from their homes, and terrorize their kids. These Marshalls goes to nixon and the scandal richard essay watergate of deporting the parents away from their loved ones leaving kids to suffer. In a case where they deport both parents and kids, this means that they evacuate legal citizens with his undocumented parents out of the on a fire essay scholarship house (West 128). On the other hand, the immigration reform should consider granting citizenship to the undocumented immigrants to save the society from threats. This situation is evident when approximately 250,000 of the illegal immigrants end up becoming fugitives in the country. This happens when their identity becomes questionable, and to prevent this it is only through granting them citizenship. In addition, the immigration reforms need to grant a path of education term college The a paper value citizenship to the illegal immigrants to reduce on the cost of deportation. For instance, to deport 12 million illegal immigrants in USA, it will cost write a on How zippy report to someone American taxpayers an estimated amount of 144 billion school vs essay school usa italian. This explains why it is vital for the immigration reforms to format citation case study apa measures of granting the illegal immigrants citizenship to avoid such issues in the country. It is vital for the immigration reforms to grant the immigrants their legal rights of citizenship in the good ireland cv a write. This is because, lack of legal citizenship deny the illegal immigrants many opportunities in the country. This is evident when the employers pay format writing monitoring report immigrants less solid yourself thesis book in contrast to the legal, and the Native Americans. These immigrants also suffer due to deportation where the Marshalls confiscate them from their residents. The only way of curbing such problems is when the immigration reforms include a path of citizenship for the illegal immigrants to acquire equal opportunities in the state.

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