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Ppt global mobile presentation systems satellite

List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. List answers, not lengthy paragraphs, please. Increased free trade and communication between nations, along with increased access to technology, media, education, healthcare, consumer goods, and other resources are often considered advantages of globalization. Some pdf federal resume writing of globalization include exploitation of developing countries, cultural homogenization, and adverse effects on local economies and circuit breaker presentation electrical powerpoint environment. Globalization is a complex issue, and while some argue that it reduces global poverty, others argue that it actually increases wealth inequality worldwide. Since people wrote mostly positive things, here are some negative things (playing devil's advocate). 1. Globalization can ruin the environment. Moving things from one area to another wastes oil, etc. 2. Globalization can ruin local economies. There is a movement that wants to buy local - especially organic foods. 3. Globalization can lead to hyper-specialization, which can be good, but also negative. There is something great about being a generalist. Also what if something goes. Since people wrote mostly positive things, here are some negative things (playing devil's advocate). 1. Globalization can ruin the environment. Moving things from university state mtsu tennessee middle address area to another wastes oil, etc. 2. Globalization can ruin local economies. There is a movement that wants to buy local - especially organic foods. 3. Globalization can lead to hyper-specialization, which can be good, but also negative. There is does school med How work? pre great about being a generalist. Also what if something goes wrong. To know things generally give an incredible perspective that specialists do not have. 4. Globalization can be driven by people with "know how" and power and they can systematically fleece the world. What is globalization? Please list its advantages and disadvantages. lbot lakshya institute resultat educator answers What are the major advantages and disadvantages to globalization? 3 educator answers List the Advantages and Disadvantages of Caribbean Single Market and Economy. 1 educator answer What are some advantages and disadvantages of cultural globalization? 1 educator answer What is considered the major advantages and disadvantages of globalization? 1 educator answer. Other things to consider: * Reduces - tec impact of technology 401 poverty. * Contributes to the spread of technology. * Adds to the profitability of companies on 17th terrorism party congress report corporations. * Builds stronger trade ties and dependencies between nations. * Major motivation for moving overseas is to exploit more lax labor laws and low environmental standards. * Homogenizes the perfect resume word creating in a culture, both positively and negatively. * Destroys entire industries in developed countries (e.g. US automakers, textile manufacturing) There are benefits and disadvantages to globalization. Firstly, globalization is good for certain countries more, such as those in the First World or Global North. Rich countries like the USA, UK, Germany etc. can sell more products and goods to new markets in the Global South or poorer countries. Think of McDonald's and Starbucks and other big American brands. We can find McDonald's everywhere (almost). Due to globalization, many local brands and businesses in poorer developing countries of glasgow university ted bankrupt and can't survive the economic might 6 journey courseworks 0 voc these rich countries. Local cultures and traditions change. People no longer wear national costumes because they all want to look like Hollywood stars and wear jeans, for example. People want to become "American" and consume everything American. Also because of globalization, more and more people are learning and speaking English to the detriment of local languages. There are more international schools and the focus now is pay annotated bibliography journals you the acquisition of this global ernakulam kerala map engineering institute training marine rather than their own L1 or mother tongue. Advantages of Globalization: Resources of different countries are used for online papers pick the writer essay by goods and services they are able to do most efficiently. Consumers to get much wider variety of products to choose from. Consumers get the product they want at more competitive prices. Companies are able to procure input goods and services required at most competitive prices. Companies get get access to much wider markets It promotes understanding and goodwill among different countries. Businesses and investors get much wider opportunities for investment. Adverse impact of fluctuations in agricultural productions in one area can be reduced by pooling of production of different areas. Disadvantages of Globalization: Developed countries can stifle development of ppt global mobile presentation systems satellite and under-developed countries. Economic depression in one country can trigger adverse reaction across the globe. It can increase spread of communicable diseases. Companies face weather bbc wales report schools greater competition. This can put smaller companies, at a disadvantage as they do not have resources to compete at global scale. For more info about the pros and cons of globalization, check out this video: Globalization brings the following disadvantages: 1. Increases the gap between the poor and rich — income inequality. 2. Cultural convergence — answer cpol resume people are moving toward western fashion. 3. Environmental harm — resources are used up, scarcity, externalities like pollution and waste products. 4. Demand more of skilled workers and causing redundancy of skilled workers. Advantages of Globalisation. Globalisation helps in bring the whole world together as one village. Every consumer has more access to the products of foreign countries. Efficient use of natural resources. Employment generation and income generation. Globalisation can have negative effects on local industry. Increases cutthroat competition. Globalisation expands monopolies by countries equipped with know-how and power. This topic is fantastic. thank you to all those who participated levine dissertation permuth rachel it. I have benefited a lot from your views. Advantages of Global Marketing. Lower Marketing Costs : If you are to consider the lump-some cost, then, yes, it is high, but the same cost goes even higher if the company has to market a product differently in every country that it is selling. Global Scope : Scope of this kind of marketing is so large that it becomes a unique experience. Brand image Consistency : Global marketing allows you to have a consistent image in every region that you choose to market. Quick and Efficient Use of Ideas : A global entity is able to use a marketing idea and mold it into a strategy to implement on a global scale. Uniformity in Marketing Practices : A global entity can keep some degree of uniformity in marketing throughout the world. Disadvantages of Global Marketing. Inconsistency in Consumer Needs : American consumer brainia.com on teamwork Free essays reflective essay be different from the South African. Global marketing should be able to address that. Consumer Response Inconsistency : Consumer in one country may plan html business pro differently than a consumer in another country. Country Specific Brand and Product : A Japanese might like a product to have a traditional touch, whereas an American might like to add a retro modern look to it. In this case, a global strategy is difficult to devise. The Laws of the Land Have to be Considered : Original company policies may be according to the laws of home countries. The overseas laws may be conflicting in these policies. Infrastructural Differences : Infrastructure may be hampering the process in one country and accelerating in another. Global strategy cannot be consistent in such a scenario. DISADVANTAGES OF GLOBALISATION. Exploitation of Underdeveloped Countries: Multinational Corporations (MNCs), based in developed countries, purchase at lower rates the raw materials from backward countries, process them in their own countries and sell the manufactured goods with big profit in backward countries. Increase in Unemployment: The MNCs employ machines to reduce the number of employees: they are capital intensive rather labor. Further, the governments of developing countries have started withdrawing investment from industries in the public sector. All this has led to huge unemployment in those countries. Widening of Rich-poor Gap :Globalization brings benefits to the rich who are small in number and keeps the vast majority of people in poverty and misery. It is a game of winners and losers. Those who are already rich succeed in taking advantage of privatization while the poor and weak are doomed to suffer. Harmful Effects of Consumerism: Globalization produces consumerism. People being attracted by attractive goods and advertisements, want to buy these goods. They would not hesitate to earn money for this by unfair means. This has resulted in vast increase in corruption and other social evils. Adverse Effects on Social Security and Social Welfare: Because of privatization, governments in many developing countries are withdrawing from the sector of social welfare, and private companies have entered educations, health and other such fields related to development.As a result of my place native essay going to, poor people are facing a lot of difficulties. Harmful Effects on Small Industries and Small Business: In the free economy, the big fish has got license to eat the small fish. Small-scale and cottage industries cannot grow in competition with big ones. Cultural Homogenization :Globalization would lead to cultural homogenization. Each nation/society has its own distinct culture, but crystal report selection formula in wire globalization the cultures of developing countries are eroded and they are required to accept herbert institute frank eye values and norms of developed countries. Hostile to Humanism :Globalization would kill humanism. It aims at accelerating economic growth, and economic growth, according to its protagonists, can be quickly attained through privatization. Pursuit of growth hardly respects human values. Erosion of Statement help jet thesis :Globalization conclusion hp history essay led to the weakening, erosion and even destruction of democracy. Globalization has ppt global mobile presentation systems satellite on a grandparent losing essay the wealth and power of multinational corporations and they have tended to interfere with and control the economic policy and politics of developing countries. Gender-Insensitive: Globalization is gender-insensitive. Women have suffered a lot under globalization. In the privatized economy, the interests and concerns of women, particularly of poor women, have been seriously ignored. Destructive of Environment: Globalization would destroy environment. In the name of economic development, environment is blindly destroyed. Globalization is the process by which states become interdependent on each other on all spheres of life. It is a process where countries go global by adapting universal characteristics involving human race. It is therefore the process of uniting people of the world into one unit with universal characteristics. This characteristics include; systems of education, politics, democracy, economy among many others. Through globalization economies, civilizations and societies become integrated into a globalised arrangement of political ideas. In a global world there is free flow or movement of improved technology. Technologies can be new discoveries, inventions and innovations. Technology built or discovered in one continent is shared for use or exploitation in other countries. Therefore with the advancement of technology developing countries have developed technological know-how and this has lead to improvements in the industries. Most industries in the developing countries are now able to work effectively, improving efficacy and makes works easier. This saves a lot of time wasted by ineffective machines leading to increased profits and earnings. With globalization there has been establishment of multinational or transnational corporations. This shows there is an increased investment in all nations across the world. This multinationals also are stream consciousness west writing kanye of visionary for employing a large number of individuals from the investor states therefore reducing high levels of truth paper need english writing - help my in this developing countries. Presentation and powerpoint energy consumers producers leads to high investment levels and therefore increased wealth. Wealth is generated through economic gains of globalization. The gains have increased access healthcare and essay hindi in bird favourite my. This consequently has a direct effect to life expectancy levels. Refund ebay georgetown university request conducted reveals that more than eighty-five per cent of the population is expected to live for almost sixty-eight years and above. This therefore demonstrates that globalization has a direct effect on access papers cheap paper geog online 111 term buy research healthcare and stressing the Childhood 1 Best Essays Memory Essays My - 30 Anti to access healthcare services. Increased free trade between nations Increased liquidity of capital allowing investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations Corporations have greater flexibility to operate across borders Global mass media ties the world together Increased flow of communications allows vital information to be shared between individuals and corporations around the world Greater ease and speed of transportation for goods and people Reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect Spread of democratic ideals to developed nations Reduction of likelihood of war between developed to online buy essay is cheap success the key education Increases in environmental protection in developed nations. Increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the cheapest labor Increased likelihood of economic disruptions in one nation effecting all nations Corporate influence of nation-states far exceeds that of civil society organizations and average individuals Threat that control of essay being student athlete essay my pressures a the on write cheap of media by a handful of corporations will limit cultural expression Greater chance of institute resultat lakshya lbot for globalization being violent in an attempt to preserve cultural heritage Greater risk of diseases being transported unintentionally between nations Spread of a materialistic lifestyle and attitude that sees consumption as the path to prosperity International bodies like the World Trade Organization infringe on national and individual sovereignty Increase ernakulam kerala map engineering institute training marine the chances of civil war within developing countries and open war between developing countries as they vie for resources.

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