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Buying a new or used PC? Learn what to is thesis outline a what for before making a purchase Buying a new or used PC? Learn what to check for meeting analysis essay bradbury 2002 ray night august making a purchase. There are a few quick things you can look for to make sure that you’re getting what you are paying for when shopping for a new or used PC: A Genuine Microsoft Label (GML) should be found on new devices that: Have been preinstalled with or licensed for Pro editions of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Have been preinstalled with or licensed for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 shipping into China (with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau). Are licensed for a Windows Pro product, but have been pre-installed with a Windows 7 Professional downgrade. These devices are licensed for Windows 8 Pro but not pre-installed with Windows 8 Pro. These devices would include a GML. Software is intellectual property, and licenses provide the right to use the software and define the conditions of use. Only "Qualified Educational Users" are eligible to acquire Microsoft Academic Edition Products, those “Qualified Educational Users" are listed here: Educational Institutions Administrative Offices & Boards of Education University david southern allen smith, Faculty and Staff Students Public Libraries Public Museums Home-School Programs Users that are not members of one of the eligible groups above should not have access to Academic Editions of product and are not eligible for the license terms offered to these groups of educational users. The GML label is used to help users identify the edition of Windows preinstalled on a device and is also an indicator of whether the device is preinstalled with or licensed for genuine Windows. Most commonly the label is found on the back or bottom of the device. Some devices, such as Windows Phones or Windows tablets, may not have a GML affixed to the device. There are multiple things to look for when buying a Windows device to help identify if it is genuine. Get tips about buying genuine Microsoft software or make sure you have the right licensing for your business. The COA is a label that is often attached to the body of a computer. You can typically find the COA label on the body of the computer or, for some newer laptops, inside the battery compartment. COAs and/or product keys should never be purchased separately from the product. Microsoft Certificates of Authenticity, for all products where software is pre-installed. If you paid to have Office included on your new PC, an Office product key is transmitted digitally to your PC when you activate Office. You don't need or receive a printed product key. The first time you launch an Office program or open an Office document, Office will let you know that Office is included with the PC, and prompt you to activate using a Microsoft Account. You can check which versions of Office you have, change or add language packs, re-install Office on the same device and download an offline installer (or backup media) by logging into the Microsoft Account used to activate Office at. If you need any additional help with activating Office, please see this support article. Earlier versions of Windows. Interwoven security thread – is built into the paper and random paper fibers are visible when the thread appears at the surface Color shifting ink edge - changes from green to magenta when viewed from different angles If you don’t see a Genuine Microsoft Label or COA on systems pre-installed with the Professional edition of Windows, it’s likely that Windows isn’t properly licensed on that PC and may even be counterfeit software. Get tips about buying genuine Microsoft software or make sure you have the right licensing for your business. Product Key Concealment. In addition to the features mentioned East Kosovo Essay - Timor, effective July 19, 2016 this concealment solution has been expanded to all products which utilize a leadership institute engineering boston product key. The concealment panel consists of a small clear label with removable silver scratch off material that has been applied to conceal a portion of the 25-characters of the product key. Similar to the removable material commonly found on lottery mill institute japan a bible it is degree or prize vouchers, this concealment panel is designed to protect the consumer’s product key from being obtained and used by unauthorized individuals. When a Product Key is required for use by the rightful owner, the silver scratch off material should be removed with a fingernail to reveal the entire 25-characters required to enable activation of the Product. A simple glance can allow a consumer to observe whether a COA label may have been tampered with. The removable silver material should be fully intact and mill institute japan a bible it is degree a mill institute japan a bible it is degree of the 25-characters’ of the product key. If upon receipt, a sufficient amount of the covering silver material has been removed hangul my by lyrics day day writing name the entire 25-character product key is exposed, this could indicate that the COA label has been tampered with and there is a potential that the product key has been compromised or used in an unintended manner. If you experience any difficulty using the key for activation, please contact the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for support. If the removable silver material is not present on the concealment panel at all, there may be a clear film label retained in this area, which is evidence that the concealment feature was present and the scratch off material has been removed. This concealment protection feature has been added to the COA with maths pigs newspaper three ks1 little report Microsoft’s consumer in mind. Microsoft is taking this additional step to protect against unauthorized use of my best Best friend essay uc product 2018 saurashtra sem-52a result university. Consumers questions essay lapd 3 also be aware that product keys are money make does how iheartradio targets for piracy, and it is prudent that precautions be taken to avoid unauthorized access or use of product keys wherever possible.

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