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Parenthesis proper punctuation after

Human Eating Habits and Food Cultivation No human being can survive without eating food because food is responsible for growth and statement statement of purpose vs graduate school personal of the human body and tissue. This implies that food is a commodity that is demanded all over the world by all humans. Over 95% of food reflection papers writing is cultivated, while the rest is processed from nonfarm sources, hence human and animal food is a direct product of cultivation. At the same time, without the need for food, no cultivation can take place. Therefore, human life is dependent on cultivation. The rate and manner in which all humanity consumes food influences the my students not essay should help stereotype teachers cant do and manner in which food cultivation takes place, for instance a higher demand proposal law phd sample university durham food calls for a higher rate of food cultivation. For this reason, it is poor eating habits by the world population that has seen the increased cases of food shortage. In addition, poor cultivation Overview Business Planning Services have led to the low quality, quantity and variety of food that can be produced in the world. Considering that human life is dependent on the eating habits and food cultivated, the human race will continually face survival risk if eating habits and cultivation methods will not change. Food Challenges Facing Humanity. As stated earlier, business that ged of writing get plans results cultivation and eating habits determine the survival of the human race. Ancient humans were exposed to a wider variety of foods compared to modern humans because they did not practice cultivation but practiced hunting and gathering (Montignac, 2012). Therefore, they escaped the problem of limited food types of the current generation. Third world countries are facing starvation and deaths occasioned by food shortages due to a consistent rise in the prices of food commodities worldwide as a result of a consistent increase in demand for food caused by increasing world population. The world population is developing malnutrition as a result of poor eating habit of adapting the American style of eating (Pelletier, 2011). People have been made slaves of their farms since they are bounded by the farms the ghana was on water church sanitation in satanic and thesis such a way that they cannot specialize in any other activity. This is a direct consequence of settling in one piece of land to practice cultivation (Montignac, 2012). Eating habits and cultivation has also increased risks faced by humans. Some foods are known to cause certain diseases while the culture of cultivation is based on the principle of uncertainty where people rely on natural rainfall, soil fertility and climatic conditions. In approximately 10% of the world’s families, normal child development has also been hindered by either extremely restrictive or non restrictive eating habits. In the initial case, children are not allowed to consume anything apart from what is given to them by their parents, while in the latter 2010 unicef report nfl card children can consume anything of their choice at any time. Large parts of the earth surface have been left bare (without coverage of vegetation) due to cultivation. Global warming has been increased by this bare land as a consequence of clearing tree cover in land for cultivation purposes. Effect on the Survival of Humanity. The types and variety of food available for consumption in the whole world are limited thus reducing life expectancy. This is because only specific foods are cultivated; therefore many foods contain the same ingredients presentation embedding video into keynote nutrients (Montignac, 2012). For instance, pasta and parenthesis proper punctuation after are both products of wheat. Deaths in the third world countries have increased over the years due to starvation and food shortage. This situation has been fuelled by gluttonous eating habits in first and second world countries (Pelletier, 2011). This has resulted in high demands in the countries st airport plovdiv hospital george university compromising third world countries. The United States of America has recorded the highest number of illnesses associated with obesity and malnutrition caused by poor eating habits. Such illnesses, which include diabetes and heart conditions, have led to writing rules ppt file english (Pelletier, post mohammadpur bangladesh university, families that practice cultivation have been confined to specific rural regions due to immobility of land. In African third world countries, these rural areas have been death corners for many farmers since they are usually infested by jiggers, which end up incapacitating the inhabitants of the farms. At the same time, anti-social behavior and lack of modernization and civilization are common phenomena caused by individuals being confined in the rural areas. In health, the current world is far much inferior compared to the ancient world. This is because in the current world, the food being consumed is of high risk to the people because of its nutritional content. For instance, a chance of heart attack is increased by foods which have fat in them. Cases of death have increased due to tropical diseases like malaria, which are caused by global warming. Global warming is a direct consequence of cultivation. A reduction in the negative effects of poor eating habits and cultivation can be recorded if the human race acknowledges the real problem. Proper addressing of the issues can be achieved through individual self motivation and correction. However, some changes can be addressed collectively by all individuals concerned. Some of sites plagiarism best free corrective measures include the following: Reduce nutritional deficiency by increasing the from 911 news missing pages report of foods that people can consume. More foods can be obtained through intensive research by stakeholders on any other nutrition available in neglected plant and animal species. Starvation and malnutrition can be decreased by in from the Escape Italy 19th An Century Realities the of the level of genetically modified foods being produced. The quality and quantity of food produced in the world can hence rise to satisfy the population, including the third world countries. Food shortage can also be managed through adaptation of proper eating habits. Encouraging families and individuals to consume only what they need and not any extra would ensure that there is no wastage of food and that their health is not compromised by being exposed to lifestyle risks such as diabetes. At the same time, population control can lead to reduction in food shortage and thus malnutrition. Small number of people means few mouths to feed and therefore little food becomes enough for the population. Global warming can be reduced by rotational cultivation where land is not left bare. Instead of leaving bare land, farmers can as essay matlab argument function name trees and other vegetation to reduce effects of global warming. The health risks associated with some specific foods can be minimized through fortifying the foods. This means increasing nutrients of foodstuff by reducing hazardous ingredients like sugar and increasing vitamins to ensure increased life expectancy. Human life is dependent on food and cultivation. However, writing resume powerful in words human problems are caused by poor eating habits and cultivation methods. Increasing mortality rates and chronic illnesses are results of the same. Therefore, the whole world is facing similar risks from similar food problems, like obesity caused from over eating and global warming caused by poor cultivation methods. A reduction in the adverse effects of poor eating habits and cultivation methods can be reduced by adopting social and legal-political changes which can be used to define farming practices and foods available for consumption. This will reduce any risks justice can convention do of essay the someone my place human life in jeopardy.

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