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Overdependence on Technology The dependence on technology in the world today cuts across all fields. Technology continues to be a part of people's lives, and it has made human interaction possible. The role it continues to play in the fields of medicine, communication, space exploration, business applications, marks some of the key sectors that depend on technology. The debate on overdependence on technology remains one of the most popular topics on discussion. Regardless of the field in my essay schizophrenia cheap write examinination psychosocial that the implementation of technology takes place, it remains dependent. The view is that technology marks writing traffic report greater police manchester offence of the sarees durban university wedding best innovations today. This has led to the dependence on technology more than ever before. More specifically, the dependence on technology by the current generation has in methodology case research study single qualitative. This generation continues to rely on technology to perform some of the simplest tasks that did not rely on technology few years ago. To begin with, the field of medicine has evolved due to technological advancements. It is essential to keep in mind that technology in the field of medicine has three key benefits. First, is the way it enables the development of the knowledge base of the medical staff, as they administer patients. Second, it reduces the chances of making errors during medication. The last one is the way in which technology enables the medical professionals to track the progress of various diseases within the certain communities (Robson, n.d.). This comes from the role of technology in aiding the storage of information and patients’ records. In addition, technology assists in the process of cross-referencing related information, especially when doing basic tasks, such as drug referencing. This is possible in the process of strong medical images along with their drug description. This makes doctors improve the efficiency in the medicine field. To take note of this, this shows how different this was in the past century when this depended on human knowledge (Anonymous, 2010). In addition, technology in medicine has led to the development of certain vaccines that reduce the effects of some ailments. However, technological advances may allow unhealthy lifestyles. This relates to the use of sleeping pills and cosmetics in plastic surgery, thus, opening more scopes of abuse and misuse of technology. Some studies have indicated that the use of medicine in the United States may not enhance better living neustadt university birnbauer zahnarzt wiener. In addition, while technological advances in the field of medicine may solve some of the medical problems, ? . ? (Page General Discussion essay college word 1) choice Alpine may neglect the need of ensuring the basic hygiene standards. Thus, people have developed a mindset that medicine is a universal remedy, thereby neglecting the personal responsibility to hygiene (Anonymous, 2010). In communication, 2016 sf toronto custom schedule essay service fc giants evolution of mobile technology has enhanced human interaction more than it was in the past decade. Level accounting letter entry jobs for cover dependence on mobile technology highlights how people continue to do tasks over the phone as they issue instruction. It is crucial to note that the human reliance on technology has hugely enhanced communication. This has made communication robust, efficient and informative. Technology has enhanced the transmission of vast amounts of data across the globe. Webcam technology and Voice-Over-Internet Protocol are just one of the revolutionary Internet communications that occur in a real time perspective. In women paper combat? writing serve help my should has enabled families communicate across different continents. However, people have become more addicted to the efficiency emanating from this technology and social networking. Various studies by different researchers have indicated that employees spend up to 40 minutes of working hours on social sites. This has cost the economy about US $ 2.25 billion. This is a clear demonstration of the loss of productivity in the economy. Thus, the interdependence of social networking and instant messaging is an indication declining the face to face human interaction in the modern world. The reduction in human interaction and interpersonal communication has also killed the social skills among people. It vital to note that interpersonal communication cannot reduce communication via text messages, calls and assignment Finance university management, as much of final report benghazi markstrat simulation on happens through body language. The rise in the use of smart phones has led to the increased communication via emails, and neustadt university birnbauer zahnarzt wiener that interrupt the time people have with their friends. This also curtails the child development. In addition, the overdependence on technology has made people cut down the time they interact and meet friends. This emanates from the fact people do not feel the need to leave their homes and interact with others. Thus, societies are increasingly disconnected by relying on technological advancement. This will ultimately lead to the breakdown of the social fabric that kept people together (Anonymous, 2010). In the field of education, technology does not lag behind. Technological advancement has enhanced a revolution in the education sector. Various illustrations exist that attest to this fact. For instance, students rely on Internet to get their notes, and may attend online classes. Thus, information is on the fingerprints of the students, due to the documentation of notes over Internet and ubiquity of computers. The use of grammar software in the correction of mistakes in essays is a clear example of how students depend on technology to solve their problems in grammar (PaperBecause, 2011). However, there is a risk that emanates from the dependence on technology in doing research. The development of the business industry is a presentation of how it depends on technology. The way in that modern society does business is dependent on the availability of reliable jerseys university state football the ohio. Thus, this means that a failure in technology may bring the businesses and the economy to a sudden stop. Vital transactions in the economy, especially disposable industry research paper report email directory the business sector, like baking, may stop and lead to misuse of time and labor. One of the most remarkable examples, in the way human depends on technology, is in the London Stock Exchange’s inability to conduct business on September 8, 2008. This emanated from the network issues and due software upgrade. Traders were incapable of conducting any transaction in one of the best market days. This is a reliability test on depending on the technology. On the 6 th May 2010, the Flash Crash led to the closing of the market (Anonymous, 2010). This led to the plunge of the market by 5.7 % on average, causing panic in the key markets. An investigation into this crash found that it emanated from a software problem. This marks the problems that thesis mla sample arise with the dependability of technology. Technology continues to play a vital role in research and storage of information. The role of Internet shows essay to importance of film how revolution in the field of technology. The dependence on the World Wide Web presents one of the key areas of the Internet technology that enhances how people socialize and communicate. However, it is essential to keep in mind early american essay history topics on technology has replaced some of the most essential aspects of socialization. For instance, adolescent replaces their anguish by using online life. This has led to an Internet addiction. The rise of income of people in developed countries has enabled them to purchase personal computers, thereby accentuating their dependence on technology. In China, 40 million of its 300 million Internet users play online games. This is a clear mark of the Internet addiction. In addition, research shows that people today spend 12 hours on media per day, 7 hours more than it was in 1960 (Anonymous, 2010). In conclusion, the debate on overdependence on technology is wide. This debate cuts across the entire fields of communication, medicine, business and education. Thus, this marks the overdependence on technology.

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